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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Eric

4-time group game winner
5-time 2nd placer

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

"Eric played a really good social game as he did what he set out and played the middle the like he wanted to and went for the correct targets. I don't think Eric had ever voted in the minority all season as well and that's extremely impressive." ~bigben1996
5/4/2020 #SecondPlace

"Eric - honestly you absolutely slayed this game and you were my personal fave of the season thanks to your constant high effort put into the game and your general activity and keeping us updated on everything going on and your constant strategical moves... #Cirie" ~KingB24 6/3/2020 #FourthPlace

"I do think Eric played a great game and did well to position himself where he wasn't a major target of the opposing side until late into the game. While I do think in hindsight taking Johnny to the end was a mistake for him, he still played a great game overall." ~SurvivorFan37
7/15/2020 #SecondPlace

"Eric is such a pleasant and kind soul to play with! From his passion for defending what he believes in, to his jovial attitude towards life, playing group games with awwsum11 is a treasure on this site that not many get to experience. As one could say, he is all that and a bag of chips!" ~Christian_
7/20/2020 #FirstPlace

"Eric, literally I've told you already but I adore you and [you explaining your game] made me love you and your game 10 times more. Super well played, underrated, survived being on the bottom the whole game, built key authentic relationships, and a true queen like Kristie Bennett"
7/29/2020 #FirstPlace

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My Games 137 games played

11 Nov, 22
9 Jul, 20
20 Jun, 20
31 May, 20
31 May, 20
8 Jul, 18
24 Sep, 17

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