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  37. Who wants a gift?
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Another Tengaged Mod Ideavote Jan 25, 2021
It would basically be a 13 person mod panel, broken into two parts.   

The first part would be 3 people that Randomize would name.  These 3 would have the ability to ban people but would only be allowed to ban people the other panel of 10 told them too.  The only exception would be if someone posted porn or other inappropriate images.   These 3 would be on a hopefully permanent basis so that way Randomize doesn't have to deal with a rotating group of people.   

The panel of 10 would be the ones who would looks t the reports and vote wether or not someone should be banned.   In the case of a tie the panel of 3 would decide.    These 10 positions would be based on a monthly vote by Tengaged and every month 5 positions would be available.   People could serve multiple non-consecutive "Terms" on the panel.

Obviously this isn't the perfect solution and there really won't be, but I was bored and my Poly Sci brain enjoyed trying to come up with a solution.
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Honestly make me Jan 25, 2021
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Do mine too Jan 19, 2021
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Tag someone Jan 14, 2021
Who needs that dress from Chromatica and I'll gift them.
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Who wants a gift? Jan 12, 2021
If you want a gift post a clip from your favorite movie and I'll pick my favorite clip and gift someone in a few minutes.... Also plus this blog because I need health.
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I don't feel nearly as bad about my percentage now. Jan 9, 2021
GG Jessie_
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