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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


2ndFeb 5, 2015 by awesome2210
Well, I have a shop now, and I've never made a vlog before, so what better time than now! So the rules of this are simple:

• To be entered into the gift giveaway, you must ask a question! Opinions DO NOT COUNT for the giveaway.
• You can ask for an opinion, but you will only be entered into the gift giveaway if you ask an actual question.
• After the blog expires, I'll all of the users who asked questions, and the winner will be announced during the vlog.
• You can ask as many questions as you want, but you can only be entered into the giveaway once.
• The gift is a female design, however, so keep that in mind. If you don't wear female designs, you can give the gift away to someone else.

So post your questions! :D


what did you name your shop after??
Sent by Delete2544,Feb 5, 2015
marina and the diamonds or lana del rey?
Sent by bowkane,Feb 5, 2015
What are you most looking foreword to in the future
Sent by sosyomomma,Feb 5, 2015
I dont wear female designs and id like to give it to someone IF i win

Question what in life gets you going alll the time? what is there for your future
Sent by Xesium,Feb 5, 2015
Sent by Yaxha,Feb 5, 2015
Who's your favorite kpop idol?
Why do you love Nine Muses so much?
Why are you so mean to me?
Sent by jojo7784,Feb 5, 2015
Would you have never joined tengaged if you could go back in time?

Explain please
Sent by RiDsTeR,Feb 5, 2015
delete2544 bye at you
Sent by jojo7784,Feb 5, 2015
do u twerk when ur home alone
Sent by jenzie,Feb 5, 2015
who is your favorite greys anatomy character
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 5, 2015
What is the best and worst thing you like about yourself?
Sent by Orlando652,Feb 5, 2015
Where in the world would you most like to visit?
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 5, 2015
Rate my prettiness 1-10.
Sent by JudiCamille,Feb 5, 2015
who is a better gifter

me or electraviv
Sent by hobnobgpro,Feb 5, 2015
Where was your first kiss?
Sent by ohheydudeski,Feb 5, 2015
Who is ur role model?
Sent by Marwane,Feb 5, 2015
What place do you think I'll get in my first Stars?
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Feb 5, 2015
if you could perm one person on this site who would it be?
Sent by Kyliejay,Feb 5, 2015
Do you like any bands, if not what is your favourite singer? If there's something a bit more unusual maybe tell me as I'd rather look that up other than something that is popular. x
Sent by LoveLife,Feb 5, 2015
What does 2210 mean on your username?
Sent by Minie,Feb 5, 2015
What is your spirit animal?
What is your favorite color?
What is your elemental type?
Milk chocolate or white chocolate?
What is your Hogwarts House?
Favorite tv show?
Sent by Pieguy555,Feb 5, 2015
What is your favorite movie??
Sent by Megan,Feb 5, 2015
Sent by JudiCamille,Feb 5, 2015
What is your favorite sport? If you like sports
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Feb 5, 2015
What do you think of the moderation situation?
Sent by brosky17,Feb 5, 2015
Who would win in a fight a bear or a shark?
Sent by owlb0ned,Feb 5, 2015
do u want kids?
Sent by JamieAndre,Feb 5, 2015
Can you fit ur whole first in ur mouth or just fingers? Have u ever had a fight in real life? Describe me in 3 words :)
Sent by Nattie,Feb 5, 2015
do you watch rupauls drag race? if you do who's your fav drag queen?
Sent by texty,Feb 5, 2015
Who do you prefer Taylor swift or Katy perry
Sent by 2Beastly,Feb 5, 2015
What is your favourite memory of tengaged? :)
Sent by sweetiepiesweetie,Feb 5, 2015
why are you so stupid?
Sent by baza76,Feb 5, 2015
pronounce piddu!

also update on witch!
Sent by Piddu,Feb 5, 2015
What's the Tengaged_Moderation password and how do you feel about being the new mod?
Sent by Aquamarine,Feb 5, 2015
What is your favorite color?
Sent by Mitchkid64,Feb 5, 2015
what is your favorite movie
Sent by gloss13,Feb 5, 2015
Who is one of your role models?
Sent by Aydanmac01,Feb 5, 2015
if you had one wish what would it be?
Sent by DaBaeBae,Feb 5, 2015
What city would you loveeee to visit? mine would be Sydney :)
Sent by Guigi,Feb 5, 2015
What hair color is sexiest?
Sent by Timberlie,Feb 5, 2015
If God just made Adam and Eve, why did he need to knock up Mary to get Jesus? Why couldn't he just make him also? :O
Sent by dandoe,Feb 5, 2015
When you listen to Your Body by Legendtina Aguiprophet aka Legend X aka Prophet X aka Christina Aguilera aka XXXTTTIIINNNA - How does it make you FEEL :)?
Sent by Stering_butter,Feb 5, 2015
What do you enjoy the most about tengaged?
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Feb 5, 2015
If you could meet any celeb in the whole world who would it be?
Sent by danielleloves2000,Feb 5, 2015
i was partially kidding about my question since i dont really believe its you but still
Sent by Aquamarine,Feb 5, 2015
What do you think of the Islamic radicals?
Sent by Delphii_Wytch,Feb 5, 2015
Favorite ice cream flavor?
Sent by IceBeast,Feb 5, 2015
Have you ever seen the hunger games movies? (The Current Ones Out)
Sent by ThunderBird667,Feb 5, 2015
Which book series do you prefer? : The Hunger Games, Divergent, or The Maze Runner?

(TBH i like HP over all of them, but to protect my love for Harry, I left him out of this :p )
Sent by EternalBlossom,Feb 5, 2015
Most attractive male and Female Celebrity

give the gift to magge555550101 he needs to gender fake harder.
Sent by Oysterman11,Feb 5, 2015
If you knew what tengaged really was when you first joined, would you have actually joined?
Sent by DanielleDonato,Feb 5, 2015
Who is your favorite person on Tengaged?
Sent by bradyspaulding16,Feb 5, 2015
Mariah Carey or Ariana Grande?
Sent by nikw98,Feb 5, 2015
why do we belong together?
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Feb 5, 2015
Are you a fan of tattoos?
Sent by Sam101101101,Feb 5, 2015
Don't need the gift but

What's been your most embarrassing moment?

And opinion lol
Sent by Archerskyfire,Feb 5, 2015
Opinion, and:
If youre going to be stuck on a desert island for a month, do you bring kim kardashian, or miley cyrus with you?
Sent by peterya,Feb 5, 2015
If you could change one thing about tengaged, what would it be? =]
Sent by ElectricCheddar,Feb 5, 2015
What do you like most about me?
What is your life motto?
Would you rather go back to the past or go to the future?
Sent by yellowunicorn,Feb 6, 2015
how old are you?
Sent by Stupendous,Feb 6, 2015
Do you fing babies disgusting and ugly? (I do)
Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea?
Sent by Striky,Feb 6, 2015
if you had to choose between eating only 1 food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Feb 6, 2015
What's you favorite Letter?
Sent by FoodIsBae,Feb 6, 2015
have you ever attempted designing your own stuff? :) & opinion
Sent by PureEssence,Feb 6, 2015
What is your best moment on this site
diarrhea or constipation
Sent by dayum,Feb 6, 2015
How Jewish Are You?
Sent by KayleighWinz,Jul 24, 2015
Who is your favorite tengagers
Sent by turkeylover,Aug 16, 2015

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