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** LEAVING // GIFT CHANCE ** Sep 26, 2018
EDIT: okay that was fast lol gifts have been sent and I'm broke now so bye y'all I'm out!

I logged out a few days ago with the intention of not logging back in, but then I remembered that I still have a lil over 1KT$. So I wanna get rid of that before being gone for good bc once that's spent then I'm out and I don't plan on coming back.

So this is real simple, the first 2-3 people (depending on the price of the item) to post their name or the name of someone else as well as the item they want will get it gifted immediately. One comment per person, just to be fair.
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Well, I have a shop now, and I've never made a vlog before, so what better time than now! So the rules of this are simple:

• To be entered into the gift giveaway, you must ask a question! Opinions DO NOT COUNT for the giveaway.
• You can ask for an opinion, but you will only be entered into the gift giveaway if you ask an actual question.
• After the blog expires, I'll all of the users who asked questions, and the winner will be announced during the vlog.
• You can ask as many questions as you want, but you can only be entered into the giveaway once.
• The gift is a female design, however, so keep that in mind. If you don't wear female designs, you can give the gift away to someone else.

So post your questions! :D
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I need 1 more T$ Jan 29, 2015
So can I get 10 people to comment on this? Thanks :)

EDIT: Aw, you guys are so nice! Thanks for going the extra mile. :)
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☆ A ★ Dec 23, 2013
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☆ W ★ May 25, 2013
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★ E ☆ May 5, 2013
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