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Trying to help a charity win

5thJan 24, 2024 by ahea7561
I鈥檓 nommed last day and have veto. Do I use it on myself and only post once and then plus and neg as appropriate? Or do I not use it? Just wanna ensure Damon gets his win


I always ask for the 2 safe people to give me 1's as I feel I deserve top 3 because of it. And then I don't use.
Sent by Happy202,Jan 24, 2024
I think it is best to not use it. However it鈥檚 important that the two voting players decide who to save so that that person can only post once, and the two getting evicted can know to help spam
Sent by survivorfan12,Jan 24, 2024
ilysm ur my idol
Sent by MargaretWilkins,Jan 24, 2024
Using veto on yourself fucks algo up, using it regardless with fuck yo the charity
Sent by Wyatt2001,Jan 24, 2024
use it on yourself. post once and the 2 people getting evicted should spam
Sent by Music,Jan 24, 2024
if u wanna ensure his win then don't use, using counts as points and if you're using it on yourself then you're risking pulling ahead for first. you can use on another and they do the single post no spam. or not at all
Sent by daveycool,Jan 24, 2024
These last few charities i made final day in, one of the noms has won veto and used on themself and everything has been fine as long as the charity holder is posting a good bit, they鈥檙e getting plussed, and the other two moving on only post once and get negged
Sent by mikec51,Jan 24, 2024
it's your charity now, use the veto
Sent by franzella,Jan 25, 2024

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