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The truth about my stars experience

1stSep 22, 2023 by ahea7561
Honestly, I joined bc I saw it was 50ts and figured it would be dumb not to try and play. Very quickly into the game, I kinda realized that I lost my competitive edge for the site. It just felt boring and less enjoyable than when I had played games in the past.

So when I went up against cherry, I figured this was my chance to throw away the opportunity to win and get out before I got too deep into it. You all were so kind and saved me.

I went up now 3 more times and I did try slightly but still have gotten nowhere now that I’m on the bottom and seen as a threat to the house. I truly do not care if I go home, as I just don’t think Stars will be a game I play for much longer. Thank you all for keeping me safe for 3 votes and to get to final 6. If I stay and make it to the end, that would be wild, but I don’t expect it being up against an amazing opponent in Vasq!

I’m not really one to stir up drama, controversy, etc. I just like playing to play and having some competition. That drive is gone, meaning I’ve gotten everything i needed out of tengaged!


Gl 🫰🏽✨💖
Sent by Vasquis,Sep 22, 2023
GL! 💖
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