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Am I the asshole

Mar 18, 2024 by ahea7561
For wanting to keep most of the money from when my partner and I dog sat?

My boyfriend and I were dog sitting for my brother and sister in law this last week. I got venmoed the money, and my partner said oh cool just Venmo him half…. However, I think I spent about 70% of the time with the dogs and he did about 30%… I feel like I should get more but he thinks that I’m being an ass… thoughts?


Take all the money and run! Fuck bitches get money!!!
Sent by Jayglezst,Mar 18, 2024
i think you should just venmo him
Sent by Lemjam6,Mar 18, 2024
Do yall live together? Depending on how serious your relationship is at the end of the day it should just be going towards something you both do
Sent by FlashWoods,Mar 18, 2024
In my humble opinion you come across as a self absorbed prick who only thinks of him self. Highly narcissistic, so this whole interaction is bs. You should have just given him his share of the money and called it a day.
Sent by Crayadian,Mar 18, 2024
You’re not an asshole. But I would have just split
Sent by RyguyPower,Mar 18, 2024
I would split it if you agreed to that personally
Sent by Yonaka,Mar 18, 2024
Split it, this doesn’t sound like an argument worth having especially since yall have a strong relationship from what I can gather and sometimes in relationships we have to pick our battles and idk if this is a battle worth picking

Maybe suggest yall spend the money on something to do or spend time on together!
Sent by FromAWindow,Mar 18, 2024
You are an asshole
Sent by DripTeejay,Mar 18, 2024

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