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If you’ve been in LA/San Diego/San Francisco vote Feb 22, 2024
Fav places/destinations and go
Points: 31 2 comments
Going to take a break Jan 29, 2024
Got some good feedback about some actions I have taken that really influenced people negatively. Before I come back, will do some self reflection! Take care all
Points: 293 8 comments
Going to my brother and sister in laws Jan 28, 2024
Gender reveal tonight! Guess what they are having??? I’m leaning towards a boy
Points: 22 3 comments
Please pray we get sun in survivor Jan 28, 2024
We haven’t had sun since day 4 and it’s day 9 now
Points: 48 4 comments
Won my tennis match Jan 26, 2024
7-5 6-2 are you proud of me?
Points: 32 2 comments
Ooo I have truly established Jan 25, 2024
My self as a no life loser cracking into the top 100
Points: 0 3 comments