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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thFeb 15, 2024 by _Finesse
Well, we are in the middle of the game and I am nominated for the 3rd time. This cast is trying since the beggining really hard to get me out of the game. I have been the target since day 1, and I tried my best and managed to stay out of the block untill the time I could, but they finally got me again.

I am not giving up, I know Joe is one of the strongest players in the game and the cast is not even talking to me anymore so they are assuming that I will be evicted for 8th, but it's you guys who decide It.

Please, give me one more chance to come back to the game and keep giving my best. I am not done yet and I won't give up. They are persecuting me since day one, but I am ready to keep fighting. Please my Brazilian and Spanish Friends keep saving me ❤️ I love you ALL! Thank you so much to those who helped me to get here ❤️


Gl finesse
Sent by BrookeMaddox,Feb 15, 2024
saved finny
Sent by Opulence,Feb 15, 2024
++++ best of luck Gabi :)
Sent by Joee323,Feb 15, 2024
Good luck!
Sent by Cromatique,Feb 15, 2024
*the cast is not even talking to me anymore*

Trying to talk to you is like trying to talk to my absent father

But gl I guess 💀
Sent by Yonaka,Feb 15, 2024
Sent by WorkBitch,Feb 15, 2024

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