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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


6thFeb 14, 2024 by _Finesse
Well, they got me again. I managed to stay out of the block for 4 dcs, but they finally put me in the block again and against someone that we have a beef.

This cast is really weird, some people are protecting each other no matter what and they keep rennoming people who they think it's weak. So they basically nomes me qnd Owen for having a beef qnd because they think we are weak.

There are a lot of fake people in this house, majority of them lie around and we barely can trust in almost ALL of these people since they have a majority core and they lie to everyone else.

However, I am not done yet. I won't quit fighting. If they nommed me for being weak, you guys can save me and show that I also can be strong. This game is getting really interesting and I am down to destroy this majority core and show these bitches faces.

So, please give me one more chance to come back to the house and slay them. They are targeting me since day 1 and I am really glad that I got here already, but I want to stay in the house and keep slaying this game.

I will keep trying my best. Thank you so much to everyone that saved me and helped me to get here this far in the game. I love you all. Please keep saving me Spanish and Brazilian friends ❤️ I need you my Babes


Boa sorte queen
Sent by Miiaa,Feb 14, 2024
Sent by WorkBitch,Feb 14, 2024
Good luck!
Sent by Cromatique,Feb 14, 2024

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