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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Yes, It is true.

4thSep 16, 2023 by _Finesse
I'm sorry but I was hated when I played in Tengaged Brazil in my account which was DirtyThay , people always bullied and hated me because I was suicidal, they were really mean to me and I never understood why. When I came in here, in, I wanted things to be different than it was in Tengaged Brazil. So I created Aaliyah_ in the same time that I created _Finesse , because I wanted one of them to be loved and I needed to prove myself that I could be someone who people could also like, at least majority of them could. so I created _Finesse and Aaliyah. However, I got new enemies in Finesse and I realized that also even in here, people still hated me and I needed to chance that. That's why I've been so much time off in _Finesse lately, because I was giving my best for people to love in Aaliyah_ account. I'm Sorry for lying, but that was the only way I found to prove myself that I could have an account where people enjoyed  me. That's why I didn't play Stars in _Finesse , you all can ask to the players, I didn't even send a message in this account, because I was playing in Aaliyah_ and I managed my best and did everything the way I could so I would win it.

I find It weird that no one ever doubted about It, since we both are Brazilians, similar nickname, similar life story, same frat, and Aaliyah did everything in our last Stars when I did nothing lol, I joined Stars before with these 2 accounts (Aaliyah_ and _Finesse ) but at this point I was nor interested and I didn't use Aaliyah's account to be loved, to win Stars and stuff like that, but afterwards, I used to spend the whole day commenting (on Aaliyah) in people's blogs, send lovely e-mails and everything I could, because I needed to prove myself that everybody could love one account of mine, the opposite of my 2 other accounts (DirtyThay and Finesse). I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to hurt anyone and my intentions were not bad. Thank you so much Tengaged for proving me that I could have an account that was likes by eveyone and I accomplished my goal in Aaliyah, which was that and when I joined our Stars, to win it. I love you all


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Sent by AronJX,Sep 16, 2023
What is the need to feel loved on this page? I liked finesse. Not everyone can always like you. Aaliyah too.
Sent by mancebo,Sep 16, 2023
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LMFAO SO CONSTANCE didnt even win stars on a fake account? They instead pretended to blackfish & win stars? Delusional ain’t even the most of it
Sent by Survivor8,Sep 16, 2023
Eres una verdadera luchadora de vida, me conmovió tu historia
Sent by cazweet,Sep 16, 2023
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Aw hugs
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