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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

[Nominated for 14th] STARS

1stFeb 12, 2024 by _Finesse
This cast is full of awful and fake people, being really honest here, they are targeting me since day 1, and a lot of them are against me saying that it's because i am a "threat".

Well, these people are really really fake, and I don't Trust in a lot of them. But I won't quit, I won't give up, like, never. I Will keep trying my best to be in here and trying my best to Win this game.

So, please save me and give me one more chance to come back to the house, so I can keep giving my best to Win this game.

I know my history is just like Juliette's, but she never gave UP and I Will do the same, I Will keep trying my best.

Thank you so much to everyone that saved me. I love you guys <3 Pls keep saving me Spanish and Brazilian friends.


Sent by BlueDragon,Feb 12, 2024
Sent by lBrice,Feb 12, 2024
Sent by Miiaa,Feb 12, 2024
Sent by AliBonico,Feb 12, 2024
I would say good luck but I think you'll stay lol
Sent by Cromatique,Feb 12, 2024
Sent by WorkBitch,Feb 12, 2024

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