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raissa lenda Sep 16, 2020
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dessa lista da fazenda Sep 6, 2020
só conheço a jojo toddynho, morta
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~ Aug 27, 2020
imageI really tried my best to not let it happen, but I went up against one of the strongest person in the cast. The cast look at me as a threat to them and I really would love to come back in stars game one more time and keep slaying in the game! Well, I'm not giving up, Ima keep fighting. So please gimme one more chance to do my best in this game, to keep fighting and keep going. Thank you so much for everyone who saves me, I love you all, Thank you guys <3
mbarnish1 you are incredible hun, i loved playing with you <3
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~ Jan 8, 2020
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~ Oct 31, 2019
Please donate to me !
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~ Sep 15, 2019
felipes got a vagina
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