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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

It's been exactly a decade

Apr 4, 2021 by ZEEnon
10 years since I bought the highest colour level - and now there are finally new ones!
How do you even buy them again?!


Wow thats long ZEEnon
Sent by Yonaka,Apr 4, 2021
Crazy that you were only the 39th TV star roughly a year after the first person got it
Sent by Answerable,Apr 4, 2021
Sent by Questionable,Apr 7, 2011
Sent by Answerable,Apr 4, 2021 there you go :D
Sent by Treeko,Apr 4, 2021
Wow was it that long after Answerable? I didn't realize/remember!
And omg aww you posted <3 I'm so bad, I never finished that PYN apparently... BAD ME
Sent by ZEEnon,Apr 4, 2021
Thank you Treeko!! :)
Sent by ZEEnon,Apr 4, 2021

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