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I'm out πŸ‘‹ but not down! πŸ”

1stMar 20, 2021 by ZEEnon
imageI'm finally out of Stars Winners at War! ⭐ I'd say 4th place isn't bad for my first game in 7 years 😊 Thank you all so much for supporting me throughout the week πŸ€—πŸ’•

I rinsed and repeated my primary winning strategy of forming a core group of solid allies on day 1 and working hard to keep us united until the end. Although I came in with a huge target due to my perceived public support and popularity, I was able to keep myself safe for a while and managed to not get put up with a flavour.

I'm very happy that I made it to the F5 with my fellow Rainbow Warriors Petro gagaluv JustMe 🌈❀️ and am super proud of how I played. This was a fun experience and it was a huge throwback being back in the game.

I would have loved to make it to the end, but I'm excited for Tengaged's first female final 3!!! Let's see how it plays out 🀩


A top? This site never stops amazing me
Sent by BBlover96,Mar 20, 2021
you put up a good fight, but the ladies just had to take it to the end.

glad to see you return here, someone i never thought id see on here again!! blast from the past for sure

you think you'll stick around or are you bouncing? lol
Sent by lemonface,Mar 20, 2021
I am so happy we got to play again, you were a great ally and I feel like we destroyed that alliance of like 7? 8? with just us 4 and our connections to them. Wish we all could have been crowned winner. Love you Zee stay real babe you're perfect just as you are <3
Sent by JustMe,Mar 20, 2021
I supported u gift me lol
Sent by semajdude,Mar 20, 2021
nice meeting you <3
Sent by Petro,Mar 20, 2021
A top? This site never stops amazing me
Sent by BBlover96,Mar 20, 2021

Sent by Hunty,Mar 20, 2021
Been nice having you back! You did really well 😁
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Mar 20, 2021
Good game!
Sent by Lemjam6,Mar 20, 2021
4th place is a curse honestly. I got 4th in both of my stars participation
Sent by Midiaw,Mar 20, 2021
Oh you were definitely the top guy I was supporting. I just HAD to support Sue because literally I came out of her vagina a few years ago but you seem very cool and glad you had a great experience!
Sent by Allison,Mar 20, 2021
You seemed like a chill guy but I had to support that all-female f3
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Mar 20, 2021
Sent by Drewds,Mar 20, 2021
i missed you. you did amazing
Sent by RoboZoe,Mar 20, 2021
You did great! This was my first time seeing you around but you gave off great energy and did super well
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Mar 20, 2021
Well done!
Sent by turney1805,Mar 20, 2021
Me at TOP though
Sent by Phenomanimal,Mar 20, 2021
I hope this isnt the end of you being active on here.
Sent by andalarew_2231,Mar 21, 2021
My winner <3
Sent by JeyCeePina,Mar 21, 2021
good game zeenon #RainbowWarriors
Sent by gagaluv,Mar 21, 2021
I'll be sticking around for a bit :) lemonface andalarew_2231
Sent by ZEEnon,Mar 21, 2021
Great game!!
Sent by _Ravenclaw_,Mar 21, 2021
Finger me
Sent by Chic,Mar 21, 2021
I love you go ham and win the next one you play boo
Sent by Caliboy,Mar 21, 2021

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