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RIP Epicmafia 馃挃

Mar 22, 2021 by ZEEnon
Epicmafia has finally fallen 馃槩 For those of you that don't know, Epicmafia was a website where you could play mafia (also known as Werewolf) online competitively, and it was my gaming site of choice just before Tengaged.

Mafia was my first introduction to the world of social strategy/deduction games. You had to use your logic and intuition to determine who you could trust, and playing it made me realize I was fairly good at that. I was addicted to it for a while, and through it I was able to discover competitive reality TV shows, online reality games (ORGs), and Tengaged.

Although Town of Salem, a game based pretty much on the same concept, was released years later and is better in most aspects, I have many fond memories of playing on Epicmafia and will miss it. So thanks, Epicmafia! Hopefully Tengaged won't end up with the same fate anytime soon.


jotto will be missed
Sent by Delete2544,Mar 22, 2021
It鈥檚 really sad yeah but town of Salem is so good
Sent by boneworks,Mar 22, 2021
i will never forgive lucid
Sent by Finnick,Mar 22, 2021
omg thats why it was down??
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Mar 22, 2021
This is really sad.
Sent by Akeria,Mar 22, 2021
awe i played epic mafia all the time
Sent by ItsAustin,Mar 22, 2021
I love town of salem 馃檲馃檲
Sent by Boombubble,Mar 22, 2021
I loved this game
Sent by Tommeh208,Mar 22, 2021

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