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Missing my friend Zach

Mar 3, 2018 by Tommy123
imageI had a great friend named Zach Pine. Zach was like a brother to me. We had so many good times like going to see Kong, riding Skull Mountain at Six flags, hanging out everyday, and many more. We are not friends anymore because I hurt his feelings by saying that he didn't deserve friends because he talks about them behind their backs and that he treats his friends like shit. He ended our friendship also because he says I lied to him alot and that I talk to his family members like his niece, Corrine behind his back. I feel like he should give me another chance because I want to show him that I can be a better friend to him and that I have changed alot since me and him ended our friendship. If any knows Zach Pine, can you talk to him and try to convince him to talk to me.


what the fuck is that hairline
Sent by Aerodynamics,Mar 3, 2018
is this real?
Sent by Thumper91,Mar 3, 2018
Yeah this is for real because I feel like I lost someone who i trusted
Sent by Tommy123,Mar 4, 2018

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