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Only HOH and nominees compete in veto

2ndOct 16, 2020 by Timster
In this mobile Big Brother game. You can just nom your allies and backdoor your target if you have the numbers..

This format is really weird and dumb. If this is created by Endemol they have the rights to copy the format exactly. I'm starting to think they lied to us. They don't even use the word evicted when someone goes home...


that format sounds terrible
Sent by Singsongers,Oct 16, 2020
which word they use?
Sent by Mrkk,Oct 16, 2020
@mrkkk I'm pretty sure they say "the person eliminated is" but I have to rewatch the Jodi eviction to confirm. It's filmed if you go to their live feed
Sent by Timster,Oct 16, 2020
mrkk lol
Sent by Timster,Oct 16, 2020
Not you turning him into a Ku Klux Klan member...
Sent by _Aria,Oct 16, 2020
It鈥檚 strange
Sent by hwest14,Oct 16, 2020
I think they got permission from Endemol to make the game
Sent by chad123,Oct 16, 2020
chad123 yeah I misread originally thinking they worked for Endemol. Either way all the years they claimed to have spent on this... Is tragic.
Sent by Timster,Oct 17, 2020
timster not you calling him Mr KKK lol 馃槀
Also, this game is not what I thought it would be. I鈥檓 not one to complain about graphics in games, but the girls hair looks like she got into a fight and lost a couple of tracks.
Also, I didn鈥檛 know about the only nominees and HOH competing in veto because I was nominated first. Thankfully I snatched that win
Sent by Nelson,Oct 17, 2020
Also they call it "head of house" instead of "head of household" which is so vile LMAO
Sent by top20fan33,Oct 17, 2020
Timster I am currently in the game and I think it is weird that only 3 people play in the veto. Also it's very glitchy. My game crashes Atleast 3 times a day or more and it's frustrating. I originally thought the game was just a money scam and now im thinking it still might be.
Sent by gumball221520,Oct 17, 2020

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