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I cannot express how much I miss BBUK

Dec 26, 2020 by Timster
i'm watching highlights of this shit show. There were WAY too many episodes and if you fell behind you were fucked. But I miss seeing how crazy british people are. The whole dynamics and format of the show was so fascinating.

Never forget Pauline giving Helen Wood a pass to the final on Day 1. Helen turned out to be the biggest villain in the history of the show yet still won because everyone else just sucked that bad including Miss Ashleigh Coyle.

Helen returns on another season as a visitor alongside Nikki & Brian. Helen gets Brian riled up and says he looks like a rapist and a murderer and he sobs, jumps over the backyard wall, and quits the show.

Helen was then banned from the entire channel after that incident LMAO. Oh if only Gina Rio was there too....


Same dude
Sent by Avalon,Dec 26, 2020
I use Nikki memes all the time in my vlogs hahha!

Hope all is well!

Sent by Avalon,Dec 26, 2020
i was just thinking about this......

Also, the Ashleigh Coyle slander will not be accepted
Sent by BB5lover,Dec 26, 2020
You not mentioning Pauline going from LOVED to DESPISED in the spam of like four days
Sent by Christian_,Dec 26, 2020
Sent by Decisions,Dec 26, 2020
christian_ Same with Jale or however you spell her name. I think she became the new fan favorite after Pauline. She overheard the crowd cheering for her on a live show and became big headed and evicted like the next week LMAO. The British audience was sensitive as hell.

I remember on another season some girl was also a fan favorite but said she doesn't like Tesco workers? and was sent home that same week just for that comment :)
Sent by Timster,Dec 26, 2020
Sent by BB5lover,Dec 26, 2020
bb5lover we need to group together all the bbuk fans and discuss season by season how wacky this show was. This mess had me rooting for KATIE HOPKINS to win.
Sent by Timster,Dec 26, 2020
Sent by BB5lover,Dec 26, 2020
bb5lover for real I could not get behind the Katie Price hype. She was just a boring Perez Hilton defender. Apparently she was like THE ex Kim Kardashian over there which is why she was so popular but I could never get behind her. Mrs Price was amazing.
Sent by Timster,Dec 26, 2020
I mean Mrs Hopkins
Sent by Timster,Dec 26, 2020

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