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I cannot express how much I miss BBUK Dec 26, 2020
i'm watching highlights of this shit show. There were WAY too many episodes and if you fell behind you were fucked. But I miss seeing how crazy british people are. The whole dynamics and format of the show was so fascinating.

Never forget Pauline giving Helen Wood a pass to the final on Day 1. Helen turned out to be the biggest villain in the history of the show yet still won because everyone else just sucked that bad including Miss Ashleigh Coyle.

Helen returns on another season as a visitor alongside Nikki & Brian. Helen gets Brian riled up and says he looks like a rapist and a murderer and he sobs, jumps over the backyard wall, and quits the show.

Helen was then banned from the entire channel after that incident LMAO. Oh if only Gina Rio was there too....
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Not me CRAVING an oreo shake Dec 26, 2020
And going to Chic Fil A only to turn around cause the line is long so I go to Jack in the Box instead. Don't sleep on their shakes.
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It lowkey hurts my feelings Dec 26, 2020
When a culture vulture starts out black but turns Latino. As if black culture and music isn't fun anymore and Latino is the best thing since sliced bread.

Ex: An Asian I went to HS with that sounded like an Urban black man and befriended all the black kids, now works in a Mexican barbershop and pretends to speak spanish, is only friends with mexicans, and refused to take sides during BLM movement 🥴

Ex: Austin Mahone going from pop teen white boy to black R&B, to now making spanish music about Miami.

Ex: Camila Cabello going from OMG to Havana in .02 seconds
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I can't align with the LEFT Dec 26, 2020
If they keep advocating for witches n shit.

I don't fool with that DEMONIC mess. Everywhere I turn another liberal is experimenting with witchcraft. Weirdos

Stay away from me.
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Gay men 🏳️‍🌈 are so creepy Dec 26, 2020
They always comment creepy shit on live videos of straight men. Not everyone is GAY 👬.

They always commenting sneaky shit like
Boxers or briefs?
Would you ever do an onlyfans?

Please stop. They aren't attracted to you....
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To the weird Dec 26, 2020
ashley kelsey stans your racist fave was knocked up by a random black athlete
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