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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

It lowkey hurts my feelings

Dec 26, 2020 by Timster
When a culture vulture starts out black but turns Latino. As if black culture and music isn't fun anymore and Latino is the best thing since sliced bread.

Ex: An Asian I went to HS with that sounded like an Urban black man and befriended all the black kids, now works in a Mexican barbershop and pretends to speak spanish, is only friends with mexicans, and refused to take sides during BLM movement 🥴

Ex: Austin Mahone going from pop teen white boy to black R&B, to now making spanish music about Miami.

Ex: Camila Cabello going from OMG to Havana in .02 seconds


Oh I'm latino and I couldn't agree more
Sent by GentlemanG,Dec 26, 2020
they have to get the tee hee fan base established before doing stuff they actually want to. once you have the support of the tee hees they will say anything you put out is good even when it isn't.

e.g. Ariana Grande
Sent by Brayden_,Dec 26, 2020
This is the first time I heard the term culture vulture. But yeah that is kind of weird.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 26, 2020
brayden_ 😂 you love the word teehee don't you?

gentlemang #latinogang
Sent by Timster,Dec 26, 2020
The asian guy I went to middle/high school with always pretended  to be Latino. He hung out with exclusively Latinos before it was cool. Truly ahead of the curve.
Sent by Olympia,Dec 26, 2020

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