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It's weird how Big Brother finals

Sep 28, 2018 by Timster
Were a blow out for years and then suddenly we get 3 back to back to back 5-4 votes (minus celebrate and ott which was super close too)

#bb20 #scripted

On top of that the final deciding vote was the person that got into a major argument with the person they didn't vote for..

Da'vonne arguing with Paul
Cody arguing with Paul (and Josh)
Bayleigh arguing with Tyler

Don't fight the first juror


Again just because someones vote is read last doesnt mean they were the deciding vote. That just happened to be true in 18-19 but this year no
Sent by joe1110,Sep 28, 2018
joe1110 Imo in 18 EVERYONE was the deciding vote except for Corey and Paulie maybe,  in addition to Day i'd say Natalie and Zakiyah could have also flipped it.  In 19 Jason also could have flipped, he was edited to seem more against Paul than he was but yea i'd say Cody, and I definitely agree on Bayleigh not deciding.  Scottie and Faysal were the deciding votes.
Sent by noah_kondon,Sep 28, 2018
noah_kondon id say Day and Natalie were the deciding in 18 as Zakiyah was a really close friend to Nicole, but the edit showed Natalie more bitter towards Paul than Day, not to mention Day had a feud sort of with Nicole

in 19 Id say Jason was the most bitter and obvious vote against Paul as Paul lied the most to Jason esp in the goodbye message so it came down to Cody who said he respects the gameplay and was not a fan of Josh

in 20 i think Faysal was dead stone against Angela/Tyler so the deciding vote was Scottie and maybe Sam with him
Sent by joe1110,Sep 28, 2018

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