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Spamming Clarification

2ndFeb 26, 2011 by Tengaged_Moderation
Recently, there have many reports about players spamming and I suppose we can give you a little bit of clarification of what we feel spamming is.

There was a blog written by us a while ago, and it said spamming 3+ pages will get you banned, but you have to understand that this is for when we had slow games. Now that games have gained some speed, we have been very strict on the spamming issue. We have no idea when Randomize will add slow games, or what he will do with the fast games but for now, please follow the below rules so we don’t have to ban anyone for spamming.

1. SPAMMING THE SAME MESSAGE MORE THAN THREE TIMES IN A ROW IS CONSIDERED SPAM. Don’t be smart and post four comments of the same thing, post the fifth as something different and start over. We are not stupid, and if we feel you are intentionally “spamming” (this can also include posting the same thing multiple times on multiple pages, even if they're not consecutive), we will have to give a 1 day ban (depending on how many times you have been banned for this in the past).

2. Spamming anything more than FIVE times in a row is considered spamming. Even if each message is different, if you post five messages back to back, this is considered spamming, and you can get a 1 day ban (depending on how many times you have been banned for this in the past).  Or if you are dominating a large portion of the posts on a page, that's spam too.  It's a bit subjective, but again, the question is whether something is becoming disruptive.  We will NOT ban for key ceremonies by the HoH in Rookies games, as it's part of the Big Brother experience.

3. Posting random letters, just to get plussed: Example (kjadkajdshahsdk) is considered spamming. If you do this once every now and then, we will not care. But if we see this posted two or more times on the same page, we will have to consider that spam as well.

Please don’t kill the social aspect of this game. There are players here who want to sit down, and enjoy the conversation of others without seeing “Good luck” posted by the same person 20 times just because they have nothing else to say.

4. E-mail or blog spam (sending repeated messages to someone just to get on their nerves) - If someone does that to you, filter them!  If someone sent you something excessive that will take you forever to delete, let us know - that may be punishable spam.

Reporting Spam: When reporting spam, please provide ONE screen shot of the spam. If you just send us a link the game, we will ignore it as comments change and it will never stay on the same page. If you need help in learning how to screen shot, please visit this blog:

Any questions about spamming, please post below.


Sent by smi9127,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by amf7410,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by xloveladyx,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by joe1110,Feb 26, 2011
inb4topblog :)
Sent by NotAfraid,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by Yingyang,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by BB5lover,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by jharrin7887,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by sd66,Feb 26, 2011
+13 can i be a mod?
Sent by Robbster1313,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by dolly2011,Feb 26, 2011
smi =[
Sent by amf7410,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by chameleoneyes,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by MakeMe01,Feb 26, 2011
i really dont get it
why is spamming bannable? thats how u ACTUALLY win rookies
Sent by Brian2937462,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by Holder,Feb 26, 2011
will it count if i did
Sent by sparks75,Feb 26, 2011
omg agreed with
There are players here who want to sit down, and enjoy the conversation of others without seeing “Good luck” posted by the same person 20 times just because they have nothing else to say.

like gosh we get it you want both players to have good luck but saying it 20 times is just annoyin
Sent by bigupboy,Feb 26, 2011
gl gl...good luck!
Sent by bigfoot,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by rdude1,Feb 26, 2011
2. Spamming anything FIVE times in a row is considered spamming. Even if each message is different, if you post five messages back to back, this is considered spamming, and you can get a 1 day ban (depending on how many times you have been banned for this in the past).


Can you still get banned even if it is not intentional...?

I've seen people on Survivor discussing what to do for the challenges and stuff and I've seen a person that has posted 5 times in a row.

Is that still spamming and ban worthy? Like...

Person A: Whos sitting out?
Person B: I dunno.
Person B: Well person C is banned so maybe they should.
Person B: Oh wait they just got unbanned and they are good at this challenge so they should play!
Person B: Person A are you there?
Person B: Oh well... everyone plays instead of person D since they are not good at this challenge.
Person A: Hi sorry I'm here.
Sent by finklestein123,Feb 26, 2011
Finklestein: There are always exceptions to each case. If something like that happened in Survivor, or the Duel, you wont really get penalized for it. Most of this is really intentional spam.
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Feb 26, 2011
Ah okay. ^^
Sent by finklestein123,Feb 26, 2011
If spamming and being plussed is what helps you get hoh in Rookies and in casting's Spamming comments to get plussed helps you get pov. Isn't it defeating the purpose of trying to get hoh in Roookies and pov in Casting's to say "You aren't allowed to spam"? I just don't get it.

I understand in a way the aspect of spamming like the same message over and over again and then getting banned. However, Since Fast games have been added, and how algo is said to work, Spamming is part of the game. Yes people shouldn't say the same thing over and over again. But, if that's a way to further themselves in the game then so be it. Unless Slow games come back. There is a very small chance at having a social aspect in games. Unless of course a fast casting's turns slow.

And like how most of the other ban worthy things go, why not give out at least a warning before you ban someone for something as silly as spamming? I know for a fact, not everyone on the site is going to see this blog, and since people have been spamming in games for so long, the noobs aren't going to know any better.
Sent by MichelleLi,Feb 26, 2011
You're right Moderation!
Sent by rock_on88,Feb 26, 2011
this is SO stupid.
Sent by lemon5029,Feb 26, 2011
aww wow I guess I cant chat onphone as it could lead to a 5post :O
Sent by capguy1,Feb 26, 2011
Sent by HelenCoops,Feb 27, 2011
Why aren't the pages reverse numbered?

For example, page 1 should be the first page.
And page whatever should be the last page, hence only one number could be updated!

I did say this before, I don't see a problem with this idea. Makes linking games easier, rather than having to screenshot. :)

No one listens to me. :(
Sent by Yoshitomi,Feb 27, 2011
Oh so you finally decided to give some clarification.
Usually when people make rules, they make people AWARE of it before they penalise people for something.
Well done on FINALLY clarifying it... after u've already banned 52528959827 people :/ (Y)
Sent by Fiona89,Feb 27, 2011
My phone often double or triple posts when I post from it, so is that considered spam?
Sent by MattyBB9,Feb 27, 2011
Sent by Patrick319,Feb 27, 2011
What if someone sends 4/5 messages of the same thing in a row, but it's broken up by other players taking advantage of the need to get comments in quickly?

This would look like someone saying "GL :S" 5 times with the occasional one or two comments from other people in between.
Sent by cheznahuf,Feb 27, 2011
somehow, i never DIDN'T understand this.
thanks for explaining to the slow people and the trolly folk who love to test boundaries.
Sent by Claud,Feb 27, 2011
i've personally only played one rookies in about 150 days, but why is this necessary? spamming is a part of the game, and like matty said, it can easily happen by accident...
Sent by lindb,Feb 27, 2011
i hate you
Sent by TheSneakFromManc,Feb 27, 2011
lmao lind u idiot
Sent by karim,Feb 27, 2011
Our date is cancelled
Sent by andychuck08,Feb 27, 2011
I have a question, the only way u can win HoH in rookies is by getting plussed U also have to spam, so how do you know if u r spamming to much, u have to to get hoh
Sent by disneygeek,Feb 27, 2011
negg this

and pluss an pyn on this plz pluss and pyn and ill rate ur avi and u on

my 300th
Sent by bryce,Feb 27, 2011
this is stupid. end of.
Sent by Keitho44,Feb 27, 2011
mmmhmmm :/
Sent by teamjacz,Feb 27, 2011
Sent by bilu,Jan 18, 2012
Sent by bignate97,Jul 7, 2013
Please come back  :(
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jun 27, 2016

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