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tengaged's new black level Apr 3, 2023
shoutout to my 4 frooks finals (3 of which were wins in a row) and everyone who helped me get there. the draggings over my KPG will be stopping soon, know that. i'm kind of slaying at the games rn. too many people to tag but very happy to see what the next set of colour levels actually looks like and also support me in stars.

thanks <3
Points: 80 6 comments
⭐ Stars 751 Blog - Meet Runaways ⭐ Apr 2, 2023
i decided since i'm in Stars and since basically nobody knows me to do an introduction blog and this is the result of that. everything said here is entirely factual, honest and true. so support me?

Points: 77 12 comments
i'm not tone btw Mar 28, 2023
i lied like?? i thought it was obvious but multiple people mailed me. i'm shaken. he could never be me! my whole personality is NOT the weeknd.
Points: 25 3 comments
who really i am. Mar 27, 2023
i have heard so many rumours about whose multi i am and i am here to set the record straight. yes, i was pretending to a new user this whole and i know a lot of people will feel shocked and hurt by this news that i am not. i am truly sorry for misleading everyone and i hope you will all forgive me. i know i am not owed that kindness and a betrayal like this is not easy to come back from but i will try my hardest to gain back the trust i have lost.

this is now my real account and i would like my previous account completely deleted. in fact, nobody should ever mention it again because it is truly embarrassing. that account is Tone. i know most people do not know who that is and count yourself very lucky. with mounting suspicion, i logged into that account and forged screenshots to make me joining tengaged seem legitimate. those screenshots, just like tone himself, are not real and never existed.

you might wonder just how i managed to be so annoying, short and a complete nuisance while proclaiming myself a "frookies boss" at every turn on Tone but i truly amaze myself. i decided to join tengaged on tone just before a certain place was shut down but being annoying af at every turn was just ruining my brain, i needed to be normal again. that is why i made my REAL account, runaways. there was never a user called tone on that other site and this is something that every user can back up.

i am sorry for troubling everyone with the deformed personality that was tone. i strived to be the scariest person on tengaged with that account and i know i clearly succeeded. somehow that account actually made friends and joined frats but i truly know this just out of sheer luck and not because there was any sense of a tolerable personality. to those people who acted unselfishly and with kindness, i am very grateful for that.

if i could take back my actions of making that account, i really would. i know that this will truly come as a huge betrayal because tone is a demonic monster with a height challenged life, while i always practice things like kindness and empathy.

please ban tone with IMMEDIATE effect so he should never return. EVER. please do not check our ips and realise they are different!! just take my word for it and ban him, don't listen to anyone else who would lie and pretend he is real either.
Points: 105 7 comments
if you can't get me out with 4 HOHs Mar 24, 2023
that's actually embarrassing and letting me beat you in zoo by far too?? ouch. again yet another frooks i slayed being endlessly targeted for no reason and that fifth took a LOT of work due to the never ending obsession. i'm joining the kiki dislike squad like let me IN, doing tj's dirty work.
Points: 192 4 comments
not the 2023 transphobia ?? Mar 9, 2023
the level of transphobic vitriol on this site is truly evil to witness considering the way in which LGBTQ rights occurred happened through the actions of trans people. this sort of dangerous rhetoric being spewed might seem harmless to some people who love to use the “respect my opinions” crutch but stoking the flames of transphobic hatred exemplifies the chances of real life violence fuelled by transphobia.

i haven’t even been on this site for that long but the same think pieces and bad arguments to discuss whether trans people should exist or have rights has to be not only dehumanising but also exhausting for the trans people on this site to consistently have their identities debated.

there’s a real lack of brainpower from a lot of people here who love to keep showing it. there is no excuse for being this uneducated and ignorant in 2023.

Tengaged is definitely not the place i would suggest for any escapism for your real life but i don’t doubt a lot of people do come here in order to find a community that accepts them in ways they maybe can’t be accepted in real life for whatever reason.

people love to forget that their are real people behind the screens and say whatever stupid stuff they can without thinking about the consequence it has others like ??
Points: 12 0 comments