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I'm sorry

20thMay 26, 2017 by RoughNightBro
I can't carry you in a merge streak like ak73 can suzycroatia ;*

People who need to plus my blog in support of #RIPSuzysMergeStreak before I wake up or I'll fornicate with one of their family members (I'm not telling you which one)


I am sorry you are having a rough night bro
Sent by Samhuss,May 26, 2017
wow wish someone did this for me
Sent by mikec51,May 26, 2017
Sounds like me carrying icebeast
Sent by jdog,May 26, 2017
i don't need any1 to carry me i'm 10x better than ak73 :/
Sent by Joseline,May 26, 2017
i'm waiting for you to carry me again ;) jdog
Sent by IceBeast,May 26, 2017
Sent by suzycroatia,May 26, 2017
joseline was killed in a fight with alberthodge
Sent by ak73,May 26, 2017
Excuse me jdog I want credit for that

Also joseline remember when u joined our tribe and got voted out first merge lol me too
Sent by GiGi10,May 26, 2017
I was happy to see Suzy GO
Sent by Admir,May 26, 2017
Kiss my ass both of you ak73 gigi10
Sent by Joseline,May 26, 2017
admir bite me
Sent by suzycroatia,May 27, 2017

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