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4thOct 23, 2021 by RoughNightBro
This is my first stars finals ever! Shocking, I know, but I was never one to really play stars back in the day before I took a hiatus. After splitting the first few day changes with a group of doobee, turkeylover, carriexoxo24xo & roxas546 we kinda got slayed. At that point I was basically in the game by myself in the middle of the +0 frat and the dorkishbarbi, eilish, and doobee group. I did my best to make sure each group did not gain too much power and I fought to keep myself off the block.

I would appreciate any votes for me to win my first stars!

Good luck to yawnha & dorkishbarbi


Gl king ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Oct 23, 2021
Sent by Yawnha,Oct 23, 2021
Good look twin
Sent by dannyjr0587,Oct 23, 2021
Good luck!
Sent by Otaq,Oct 24, 2021
Sent by doobee,Oct 24, 2021
yesss congrats!!!
Sent by cotbey,Oct 24, 2021
Goodluck RnB
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Oct 24, 2021
Good luck!
Sent by Diva1,Oct 24, 2021
congrats buddy!
Sent by Guigi,Oct 24, 2021

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