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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hey Tengaged

1stOct 20, 2021 by RoughNightBro
It’s pretty hard to play stars when half the cast doesn’t even talk to anyone outside their group - the current plan is to put me and tyleror up to try and flavor us to go up against dorkishbarbi soon

It’s very clear people are trying to not go up instead of trying to win the game so I’ve volunteered to go up against Eilish - and I’ll continue to volunteer against kylakendell132 and joaovictor until we have people actually willing to play the game remaining

If you want a flavor put some skin in the game huns

Tagging the rest of the cast:


crying because you played a bad game
Sent by Kelly0412,Oct 20, 2021
volunteering for the block is always so silly like girl u are not saving the day

but i did save u stars tho bestie hugs sm
Sent by YasGaga,Oct 21, 2021
Interesting strategy to openly admit that you are not playing the game to try to save yourself but instead actively volunteering to go up over and over again...
Sent by Sebbers,Oct 21, 2021
Sebbers the people I’m volunteering to go up against literally won’t even discuss game play and are going to keep nominating me anyways
Sent by RoughNightBro,Oct 21, 2021
Is Eilish playing the "I lose every poll and pppl dislike me" strategy he pulls every game to make it to single digits?
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Oct 21, 2021
BlueBarracuda sure is
Sent by RoughNightBro,Oct 21, 2021

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