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Big Brother Friends List

Oct 26, 2015 by Robbyjak
This is the template.  If you are one of your top 15 friends then keep everything the same except swap out yourself with your #16 friend

noah_kondon made me do it

Winner: ColbyDonaldson8513
Runner-Up: tunertin
Bitter Juror: haycsclair
Showmance: NJKoda1998 and AlmightyOZ
Twin Twist: Number1SurvivorFan and m0nkeymaniac
Won jury return competition: adamsel
First Boot: MooseAntler86
Went Power Crazy first time they won HOH and was backdoored the next week: alanb1
Most Robbed: bryantandf
Competition Beast: 2beastly
Expelled: #ItsOfficial
Most Nominated: awwsum11
Pulled biggest move of the season: noah_kondon


me and owen would be an excellent showmance
Sent by NJKoda1998,Oct 26, 2015
Oh my god NJesus and me in a showmance... I'm dying right now loool!
Sent by AlmightyOZ,Oct 26, 2015
Yay!! Another win ;)
Sent by ColbyDonaldson8513,Oct 27, 2015
Bitter juror, eh?
Sent by haycsclair,Apr 1, 2017

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