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Jimbo's Survivor : Karma Hunt

Aug 14, 2014 by Robbyjak
sahmosean is a great host and I have to do this immunity challenge for his game
basically, here's how it's going to work, FOLKS - you're going to leave a comment with however much karma you have at the time of your comment. At the end, all the karma I got in the comments will be added up, and that will be my score. So if you're one of those bitchs with high K you better shimmy ya ass on over!
Also, I must have at least one comment from someone of EVERY COLOR LEVEL - that's right, I can't just spam TV stars all day, I have to have someone every level from White to Blood, too.
This challenge is a pain in the ass but at least I have a chance of staying another round in Jimbo's game if I win!


296 gl
Sent by noraw6842,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by joshg222,Aug 14, 2014
376 L Green
Sent by 1ry99,Aug 14, 2014
128 K :)
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by cody_,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by adamsel,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by final,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by Archerskyfire,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by NovaScotiaChic,Aug 14, 2014
silver opps
Sent by NovaScotiaChic,Aug 14, 2014
1545  blood
Sent by rabbaj,Aug 14, 2014
141 Gl
Sent by mrcool,Aug 14, 2014
even though you evicted me
Sent by k4r4k,Aug 14, 2014
400 yeah
Sent by cereal222,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by alanb1,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by nenalalala,Aug 14, 2014
Sorry it's not much, but 150/blue
Sent by awwsum11,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by sahmosean,Aug 15, 2014

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