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Halloween friends list tag

Oct 26, 2015 by Robbyjak
Use your friends list IN ORDER and see who will dress up as WHAT.

A few of my friends are doing this so I guess I should do it as well :D

Naked: MooseAntler86 - Surprisingly accurate tbh
Nasty lunch lady: ColbyDonaldson8513 - LOL
pink power ranger: Number1SurvivorFan - (skipped over myself) You'd be a good pink power ranger
70's disco dancer: haycsclair - yes
Drag queen: #ItsOfficial - This would be funny tbh
Giant taco: awwsum11 - I'd be surprised if this isn't your costume
Evil clown: noah_kondon - I can see this
Smurf: bryantandf - a blue level gets the smurf! how fitting
hillbillly: 2Beastly - LOL
Cinderella: m0nkeymaniac - You are cinderella
Old Man:  tunertin - Maybe in a ironic way
Their TG Avatar: AlmightyOZ - why are you so low on my friends list? and you probably already look like your avi
Playboy Bunny: NJKoda1998 - so hawt
Homeless Person: alanb1 - lol
Alcoholic who just doesn't dress up: adamsel - this wouldn't surprise me all that much
Everyone I tagged should do this also, because why not :)


Honestly that is so me
Sent by alanb1,Oct 26, 2015
Honestly that is so me
Sent by NJKoda1998,Oct 26, 2015
LooolI don't have glasses but other than that...
Sent by AlmightyOZ,Oct 26, 2015
Hahah awesome!
Sent by ColbyDonaldson8513,Oct 27, 2015

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