Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is joshg222

Group Game Records
Current Game I’m In:

The Amazing Race:
(Hosted by turney1805) TTRS 9: The Amazing Race; 7th out of 12th (Partner w/ Unit8890)
(Hosted by Cmack311) Cmack’s Amazing Race 2; 8th out of 11th (Partner w/ Unit8890)

Big Brother:
(Hosted by Cmack311) Cmack311's Big Brother 3; 9th out of 20th [Coach]
(Hosted by Cmack311) Cmack311's Big Brother 2; 1st out of 16th (6-1)[Favorite Houseguest]
(Hosted by Janelle_Pierzina) Janelle's Big Brother One; 5th out of 14th
(Hosted by RShowFreak) RSF Season 14: Big Brother Mystery Room 2; 2nd out of 16th
(Hosted by Gaiaphage) Gaiaphage’s Big Brother 1; 9th out of 14th
(Hosted Janelle_Pierzina) Janelle's Big Brother 4: Friends or Foes; 16th out of 16th
(Hosted by eamon) Eamon's Big Brother 2; 3rd out of 14th
(Hosted by MHens) MHens Big Brother 2; 10th out of 15th
(Hosted by LUPIE) DR1: Big Brother Cliques; 12th out of 13th
(Hosted by pss817) Big Brother Twist and Turns; 12th out of 14th
(Hosted by Hikeygirl101) Big Brother Double Trouble; 2nd out of 14th

Singing Competitions:
(Created by Janelle_Pierzina) Tengaged’s X-Idol Season 3; 1st out of 13th
(Created by BigBruv) The Voice; 16th out of 20th
(Hosted by Janelle_Pierzina) Janelle's X Factor; 11th out of 12th
(Hosted by Balls) The X Factor: Tengaged Season; 12th out of 18th

(Hosted by bingo21) Survivor Bhutan: Fans vs Faves; 5th out of 24th
(Hosted by Gaiaphage) Gaia's Survivor: Return To Bouvet Island; 54th out of 88th
(Hosted by dragotistic) Drago's Survivor 5: Occultus Island; 4th out of 25th
(Hosted by LoganWorm) LW's Survivor: Nicaragua; 7th out of 18th
(Hosted by dragotistic) Drago’s Survivor 1: Arabia; 4th out of 16th
(Hosted by SuitMan13) Suitman's Survivor 16: Tocantins; 6th out of 16th
(Hosted by bingo21) Season 7: Survivor Guys vs. Girls; 2nd out of 20th

(Hosted by RShowFreak) RSF Season 11: The Gaunlet; 7th out of 32nd
(Hosted by pss817) Color Wars: Season 1; 13th out of 20th
(Hosted by RShowFreak) RSF Season 10: The Castle; 11th out of 42nd

My Games 129 games played

16 May, 17
20 Feb, 13
18 Feb, 13
17 Feb, 13
17 Feb, 13
16 Feb, 13
15 Feb, 13

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