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Sasha's Reality Series

1 SashaBaby2010, Mar 7, 2016

Season 8 has finally came to an end. It all started on February 16, when 12 players were chosen to compete in an all new format for the series... Survivor! 21 days later on March 7... it came to an end as Brandon was crowned the Season 8 champion & Sole Survivor of Nepal! Thank you to all of the players who were apart of this season, and a huge thanks again to my wonderful co-host NickDaBoss! Season 9 is coming soon & it will be Ultimate All-Stars... & it will also be my last season!
Brandon ( Bdreezy15) - 1st
Zach D. ( zachboy967) - 2nd
Ryan ( boneworks) - 3rd
Andrea ( IceIceBaby) - 4th
Jack ( jackog) - 5th
Blake ( BurninKu5h) - 6th
Clark ( corgi) - 7th
Zach C. ( ziggyzaggy16) - 8th
Kaya ( Streams) - 9th
Jackson ( Rizzo) - 10th
Erik (#ItsOfficial/ YoundAndReckless) - 11th
Chandler ( Chandlerp1996) - 12th
Thanks again for playing, and i'll be seeing some of you next season :) #SashasRealitySeries


Another one bites the dust

2 SashaBaby2010, Oct 29, 2015

Sasha's Reality Series has just concluded its sixth season. I want to give a big thanks to all of the houseguests who competed this season! I hope you enjoyed the Halloween theme & twist. I hope to see you in future seasons! Also I want to thank my Co-Host NickDaBoss and my guest host ForceMike1, you guys were big helps! Season 7 is confirmed, and I can now say it will be The Duel! New and old players are welcome to apply! Thanks!
2Beastly - Congratulations on your win Steve!
AlexaVonTrayne - 2nd
MichaelM099 - 3rd (quit)
ziggyzaggy16 - 4th
toclafane212 - 5th
MonkeyBoy94 - 6th
Kelly0412 - 7th/Tengaged's Favorite HG
Halloween - 8th
Sarah48 - 9th
#ItsOfficial - 10th
_JB_ - 11th
TheAce - 12th
DontTakeMyPeach - 13th
#SashasRealitySeries #BBGraveyardShift #TheDuel


Big Brother Friends List

4 Robbyjak, Oct 26, 2015

This is the template.  If you are one of your top 15 friends then keep everything the same except swap out yourself with your #16 friend
noah_kondon made me do it
Winner: ColbyDonaldson8513
Runner-Up: tunertin
Bitter Juror: haycsclair
Showmance: NJKoda1998 and AlmightyOZ
Twin Twist: Number1SurvivorFan and m0nkeymaniac
Won jury return competition: adamsel
First Boot: MooseAntler86
Went Power Crazy first time they won HOH and was backdoored the next week: alanb1
Most Robbed: bryantandf
Competition Beast: 2beastly
Expelled: #ItsOfficial
Most Nominated: awwsum11
Pulled biggest move of the season: noah_kondon


Halloween friends list tag

4 Robbyjak, Oct 26, 2015

Use your friends list IN ORDER and see who will dress up as WHAT.
A few of my friends are doing this so I guess I should do it as well :D
Naked: MooseAntler86 - Surprisingly accurate tbh
Nasty lunch lady: ColbyDonaldson8513 - LOL
pink power ranger: Number1SurvivorFan - (skipped over myself) You'd be a good pink power ranger
70's disco dancer: haycsclair - yes
Drag queen: #ItsOfficial - This would be funny tbh
Giant taco: awwsum11 - I'd be surprised if this isn't your costume
Evil clown: noah_kondon - I can see this
Smurf: bryantandf - a blue level gets the smurf! how fitting
hillbillly: 2Beastly - LOL
Cinderella: m0nkeymaniac - You are cinderella
Old Man:  tunertin - Maybe in a ironic way
Their TG Avatar: AlmightyOZ - why are you so low on my friends list? and you probably already look like your avi
Playboy Bunny: NJKoda1998 - so hawt
Homeless Person: alanb1 - lol
Alcoholic who just doesn't dress up: adamsel - this wouldn't surprise me all that much
Everyone I tagged should do this also, because why not :)


Group Games

58 tyleror, Jul 2, 2013

Survivor South Africa: Cursed Idol
Host: #ItsOfficial
Placement: 9/18
Awards: Player of the Season
Survivor Palau
Host: Emotion
Placement: 2/18
Awards: Player of the Season
Survivor Madagascar
Host: Pokepat
Placement: 1/18
Survivor Costa Rica: All Stars
Host: Pokepat
Placement: 2/20
Awards: Player of the Season
Big Brother:
Turney Time Big Brother 5: A Secret Story
Host: turney1805
Placement: 7/14
TTRSF: Are You The One?
Host: turney1805 RShowFreak
Placement: 5/10, paired with coltsfan876
Sushi Smackdown
Host: cereal222
Placement: ???/16

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