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I’ll Say Sorry Too

Feb 19, 2022 by PrincessTeePee
I’m sorry for how out of hand our argument got, zachbbs. It was too much, I guess we are similar. Our interests will be different but we both fight for our friends, and when 2 people like that go head to head, all hell can break loose 🤣

I don’t think you’re a horrible person at all, I just hate negs/selective Plussing and thought my friend had an uneven slant 😂 that’s all. Use your passion for good, it’ll get you far 🙂


Aww 🥰 Alicia hug 🤗
Sent by Midiaw,Feb 19, 2022
Big hugs Midiaw good luck in the final!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 19, 2022
i love this
Sent by Tommeh208,Feb 19, 2022
I appreciate this, thanks! I’d love to elaborate more on my side of the apology on discord sometime as well!
Sent by zachbbs,Feb 19, 2022
I’m down for this 🙂 zachbbs
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 19, 2022
Anders Bagge ~ I’m not mad at Cornelia winning but THIS was my Sweden fave. Amazing.
Sandy Lam ~ I get what it wanted to achieve, but the breathy vocals were super offputting. It could have been a cool dark entry.
Maria Isobel ~ It has a sweet sound bud I wasn’t moved much further either way. It’s fine.
Alisa Xayalith ~ The running beat is nice. It’s fairly easy listening and could deliver a lot more in the chorus, but it’s nothing to be mad at.
RARIA ~ I’m probably repeating myself now! It was ok, it’s listenable, but I’m ready for some punch now!
Froukje ~ The drop was weird? Overall I did find this quite cool though. Unsure of the language but I like her voice.
Moses Sumney ~ the voice, arrrrghhh! It’s an of an acquired taste song that’s for sure, but definitely not for me.
LUNA ~ Oh you do? Ha! She sounds a bit like Ariana in places. I didn’t love the rappy verses but she did kinda deliver in the chorus, not bad overall.
MUNA ~ Sounds slightly country, or maybe it’s her vocal? It was quite nice overall but I’m unsure if I would return to it.
Ibeyi ~ Weird sound effects! The vocal does sound droany after a while, but I liked the instrumentals. Not sure if it’ll make my points but it wasn’t bad.
Natalia Gordienko ~ This was a vibe! Very euro but loved the production and her voice is nice.
Misscatylove ~ … I had to search YouTube for that. Fuck right off!
Sub Urban & Bella Poarch ~ I enjoyed how simultaneously sultry and playful this was. Don’t get me wrong, breathy vocals can get in the effin SEA, but I liked this overall.
School Gyrls ~ A bit teenybop for me if I’m honest, but it did improve as it went along. In a teen film this would probably rock tbf.
Mondo Grosso ~ I like that videos have translations now, really nice touch. It reminds me of a CHVRCHES song, which isn’t a bad thing. The second half was a vast improvement. Cute song if not a little directionless at times.
Barns Courtney ~ I know this, think it was the theme to something I watched fairly recently on Netflix.. forget what it was though now! The chorus is pretty rad. Here for it.
Primo the Alien ~ Not a huge fan of her vocal in parts but the song is pretty well structured & will probably do well. Gimme dat synth!
Yola ~ Verr smooth, perhaps too smooth. Her voice is nice but this sounds a bit dated, not in a good way, and the lyrics aren’t amazing either. Sorry.
The Maine ~ Sounds a bit Walk the Moon! It’s a bit choppy but overall it’s definitely up my boulevard. I like his voice.
Naomi Sharon ~ Her vocal is lovely, but the song is a bit meh? Again, just too smooth for me!
Mother Mother ~ Virginia was ROBBED when her song from them lost the semi.. by one point! This is definitely of an acquired taste. It’s too gappy in parts but I do appreciate this as a bold send. It does sound like they’re trying to cram 10 songs in one, but there were parts I really liked.
Tank & the Bangas ~ it’s giving me 90s hip hop vibes in a good way. Nice production overall.
Josef Salvat ~ I remember a time he was entered literally every 10 weeks and I got BORED! I liked this one though, nice running 80s beat and his vocal works well with the song. Sure it’ll do well.
Sex Whales & Roe Yeger ~ Quite the build, vocally! It probably would have been more known had it been released about 10 years ago, during the dubstep moment. It’s a bit avant gard sounding but I’m surprised at how much I appreciated it.
Chase Icon ~ … issa no from me Huns!
Dolores Forever ~ This was cool as hell, really liked the chorus. Potential contender I’d wager. Love her voice.
Stray Kids ~ Id go for a little less RAPPING. It’s a wee bit overproduced buuut I am so here for the ethno elements! It’s growing oh me.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Mar 27, 2022

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