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Cant We Just

1stAug 8, 2021 by PrincessTeePee
Be nice to each other? And if there鈥檚 a user we don鈥檛 like, either avoid them completely, avoid their games etc, OR bring their actions up with mods should such be necessary. 

Young, beautiful people have passed away due to comments made from others here. I鈥檝e had drama in the past but realistically, I鈥檇 never want such a thing on my conscience 馃様  I鈥檝e made mistakes too which I鈥檝e owned up to. I鈥檝e made an effort to distance myself from drama and will continue to do so, it鈥檚 not worth it and I don鈥檛 miss it. I鈥檝e made a lot of amends.

If you don鈥檛 like me, avoid me, I鈥檒l live. But making someone else feel like crap.. there鈥檚 nothing to gain from that.

TL:DR be kind! 馃挆


Oh honey this message will get lost sadly, people don鈥檛 listen and are absolutely hateful and hypocritical too
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Aug 8, 2021
Sent by Chic,Aug 8, 2021
Oh I miss you Alicia 鉂わ笍
Sent by Fistiona,Aug 8, 2021
Sent by Tester,Aug 8, 2021
Sent by Kaylabby,Aug 8, 2021
A lot of people on this site have no heart and tbh suck as human beings and it鈥檚 very sad
Sent by NoChildSupport,Aug 8, 2021
Sent by MrRobzilla,Aug 8, 2021
Preach! Everyday I see adults on here, so toxic. Just because you had a bad day does not give you the right to try and ruin someone else鈥檚. Who raised them? Treat each other how you want to be treated. Well said queen. 鉂わ笍
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 8, 2021
Sent by Lynn12,Aug 8, 2021
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Sent by BibaBenja,Aug 9, 2021

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