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***Tengaged ~ A Year In My Life!***

1stFeb 9, 2010 by PrincessTeePee
image365 days ago, give or take an hour or so, I logs into a well known UK-based forum about all things digital, celebrity & reality TV. One topic in the 'Big Brother' section of this particular forum caught my eye, a topic about Tengaged. After reading a few posts about it, I was intreagued, so I click the link and made an account. I wasn't exactly sure as to what I was doing, but I enrolled in a game. I noticed people were just chatting in it, so I joined in....I was soon very much addicted! Although things like what the ticks and crosses were for, why people spam PM'd me so much, and 'Save you in stars? whats that?!!' were such dumb questions to ask, I soon got the hang of it...and the rest, was history! :D

During my time here, I've played some brilliant games, wrote 181 blogs and above all, met some of the most amazing, interesting, funniest and overall just some of the loveliest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. It is you lot that keep me visiting on a daily basis, and without all of you, I probably would have logged back out of this madhouse on day 1!!! So I now wish to take some time to look back on some of the people who have impacted my life on Tengaged in some way. This may take a while to type, let alone bear with me!!! I'd like to give you all a preliminary thankyou before I begin. I love you all.

How I will do this is I will start with the 4 people I knew before Tengaged, then work my way up, from the people I met in my first games, to my most recent friends.

Oleary91 ~ Well well well, we've had some times!!! Known you for about 2 years now, and I will never forget thinking your name on c4 was pronounced ron-a-role' which gave me the impression you were some old guy called Ron [not unsusual btw, as most on that forum were middle aged at least, lol!' I will also never forget you PMing me on my first day asking to confirm it was me...haha! I was looking back on that the other week actually...ahh the memories! I've played some great games with you on here, and its been a blast! Our last game, with your f2 with Chez was particularly are always on hand if I need someone to talk to, and I don't think you get enough credit on here for the amazing person that you are. Could not ask for a more reliable, loyal and lovely friend!

BlueStar ~ Come on and shine...shine like BlueStar...shining so bright, like BlueStar that you areee! [Aswad - Shine, for peeps who dont know the song!] Knew you vaguely on C4, but got closer with you here. You're an amazing person, as well as one kick-ass game player! You're very loyal, and there for anyone if they need a chat. I was so happy when you finally won a stars... being in your first two showed me what a player you were, and are! You take no prisoners, but you're always nice with it. I will always remember the time you gave me a 5th ... *sobs* But I know and respect why you did it. Get your shop back in that game, kthanx! <3

Alex1991 ~ I don;t really remember talking to you on c4 much, though I always liked your posts! I've only recently started getting to know you better, and you are awesome! A very down-to-earth guy who I wish the best of luck in your Uni decisions. We played 1 [?] game...a rookies back in the summer where I did pretty badly *_* LOL! I seeem to remember a casting though too, was there one? lol!
A smart guy and a fellow Jedward fan! wooop :D

Fiona89 ~ Although we got on well on c4, we don't cross paths much on here, which is a shame! You also kick ass as a gameplayer, and are always pretty much a great bet!!! We played one game wayy back...
don't remember it much, apart from the fact I got another 5th! Still I've always respected you and your opinions, and haven't judged based on any contraversy that has surrounded you. You fully
deserve your HOF spot, so well done on that! :)

---ok with them done, we move on to the people I met on Tengaged, and not before! :D ---

Alegeeter ~ My first new friend here :') You were there in my first game, and on hand to answer my dumbass questions, such as 'What do you mean, save you in stars? Whats stars???' LOL!!! I remember definitely
feeling a bond towards you, at least more so than the others in that game...probs because you were the chattiest LOL no wonder you won :P Ever since then we've played some greatttt games, and some not so good ^_^  but overall, you've been a great friend to me. You're very smart and very funny too ... some of the best ever PM convos I've had in games have been with you! Now known you for a full year, thats kinda cool!!!! Thankyou for being a great friend :) & never forget ... PrincessAlegeePee FTW!!!! :D

Jubbzy ~ Fabulous :D We may not play much but I consider you to be one of the best people on the site, and my favourite HOFfer!!! :D You host some of the best group games I have ever played, and you're always so organised too. Your quick games in particular used to be amazing, as well as TSC. Long may it continue. GL with your studies, too. :)

Yadher, Zampoon, Childoftheswamp, Nicoleisnotcool, Rabzouza ~ Without doubt one of the best casting alliances I ever had, in the best casting I ever played. Still look back on it fondly. Miss you all <3

Haribo ~ Such a sweet Irish lad...rmember meeting you in my first rookies. Miss playing with you...and yes I want the sweets every time I see your name LOL!!!
Kids and grownups love it so <3 I soo wanted to merge with you in survivor recently but you didnt make it :( guttedddd.

Vessa ~ You were a great help and very supportive in my first rookies - don't think I;ve forgotten! You have time for everyone, and are always friendly. You rock as a gameplayer too, definitely not someone to get on the wrong side of LOL!! Would love to play with you again.

Frozen ~ I have alot of respect for're a mellow, quiet soul, but always ever so nice! Have had great convo;s with you and our last game was great! I'll never forget when you were partly responsible for my first rookies 10th... >_< LOL! A very sweet guy overall! :)

AlphaBravo ~ Omg YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I remember you PMing me not long after I joined and we always said we'd play...our first game was quite good too :D Played a few with you, and honestly you rock! Amazing player and an amazing group game host. You have to play stars again too!!! Plus you love 80s music...whats not to love!!! We are young...heartache on heartache we stand. No promises no demands.
Love is a battlefield! <--- our song, always :')

BlueLagoon506 ~ Oh have we had our times, or what lol! Certainly, theres been ups, downs, lefts and rights, and a few in betweeners too. On a personal level, I respect you alot, though I also respect how much you kick severe ass as a game player. You made our only stars HELLLL for me :D And there was this one time I gave you 5th...ahh, good memories. Despite all that I do like you.

JJJJ ~ jayneeeeeeeee!!!!! Our first game was got like 9th? 8th? cant really remember..but after that we got really close, we'd skype every day etc! You became a really great friend and someone I could tell pretty much anything too. Fair do's, our gossip sessions were prettty legendary! We haven't spoken for a while, but I hope life is treating you good. Your a lovely and
funny person who I miss, lots!

Girlracer265 ~ Girl, you've always been so lovely!! We've had some great games which I've really enjoyed...a particular favourite was one back in the summer, just before I went away. You have time for anyone, but you don;t take shit too which I respect. Our stars was a hard experience for us as we were such targets! You did great though and should definitely have made the final. Great lady who I'd love to play again with!

2cool4school ~ Garyyy, the guy who veto'd me out of our first game..I was gutted LOL!! Luckily we got over that, played some amazing games and got alot closer since. You put your friends before yourself which I admire in you. You don't take things too heart, and you're just so damn sweet! I loveee you!! :D

Knixuk ~ Pure classs! Loved our castings game, and our survivor recently wass cool too. You're very sweet and lovely to chat too, and we should deffo play more!!!

Supergoten ~ Not someone I talk to much, but I remember you were in my first win! You were a great ally and always offered something decent to talk about. Our last rookies game however was sucky and I wish it turend out differently. Real shame :( Still, you;re often in the NEC and are always kind and chatty. :)

Joey96 ~ Jooooeyyyy!!! Now know you as one half of the cousins alliance! our first games were abit randomly meh, but our last 2 I have fond memories of! Always kind and very chatty :) Love to play with you.

Smi9127 ~ Awww smeeeee my lil munchkin...your soo sweet, although my games with you more often than not result in a 5th for me >_< nevertheless, you are amazinggg!

Skeeet & Laqueefsha ~ Omg I HATED OUR FIRST GAME lol you guys gave me 9th...still I'm glad we moved past that. You're both really nice girls, despite any dodgy games/stars we may have played! We should be on the same side more as you're both great once we talk. :)

Capguy1 ~ We met in the game that we were both outed by the! We played a couple of GREAT ones since then though. You're a great guy and someone I respect alot...Gotta play again one day!

RealityNerd ~ Omg I love you! Probably one of the only people who is always so consistantly nice whatever happens!!! I've played a few games with you, but for various reasons we've never made a finals together :( We sure need to put that right sometime. I really enjoy playing with you. <3

Alexxandra ~ Oh how you had me COMPLETELY fooled into believing you were just a nice young girl from NY!! Lol...our game was good :) You're a really nice guy and despitre any contraversy that has surrounded you, I've never had a problem wih you. You're often hilarious in skype calls, and you're a great player too. Really wanted you to win your recent stars. You know I love you. xoxo <3 You probably won't see this though, given you've left :(

Pablito ~ Prof are simply a legend!!! Your blogs are some of the most epic I've ever read on here, and there's just something mysterious yet amazing about you too. You're a great gameplayer, and not afraid to take risks, even if sometimes they don't pay off, as you proved in our only stars game...:D All in all a great guy :)

Uskyld ~ Good old Seb :D For some reason, most have our games together have sucked...if I don't get evicted early, you do...:D crazy! Despite that though I like you as a person, and I appreciate what a great player you are! Get unbanned plz kthnx! :)

AndyShields ~ Awww andy...I think we had one game together aaaages ago! Very sweet and funny and YOU'VE RETURNED!!! lolll! I still have the lil pic you made me, when I got into newbie stars!! Nice guy :)

Charming2010 ~ Lol wheeeere do I begin :D We've always had a rocky relationship, noone can deny that. We started off hating each other, from the quick games, then we became friends, but then enemies again
because of survivor...and haven't been too cool since. Our last stars...well anyone could have cut that tension LOL. Yes your blog about me wound me up, and yes I went too far when blogging about you
later on. Despite all that I do want to move on from it all...I'm over the past and have no problems about being cool with you. Just know I'm not a hater, and have no bad feelings anymore :) Hot headed, but very smart guy overall.

KingMac[1] ~ Lol another good one!! My earliest memory of you was when you did a video for a rookies I was in aaages ago..I'd forgotten all about it until youtubing random tengaged vids recently!! I also remember gettin into some argument with you over Chris Brown while in newbie! Then you helped spam me out :( Butt still despite that we became cool...we don't speak often but when we do, you're friendly. I find you madly hilarious...and you were quite a good skype game host too if my memory serves me well. I've still never Googled you though! ;)

Crazy342 ~ LOOL C to the r to the a to the z to the y to the 3 to the 4 to the 2 !!!! you were the one that started off the chant for my name back in the day...great guy although we don't play that much. Not seen you around in ages :( lol

Lonlee ~ Back in the day you always seemed so sweet...yet quiet. Its nice to see you've come out of your shell abit recently. We played 1 rookies ages ago, and I've liked you ever since, even if we don't talk too much. You're a great girl who I really respect.

Megan ~ So sweet and innocent on the outside, mastermind on the inside! Rookies are your strength and you know how to play. Sorry to see you got banned recently :( You're a really nice girl and I wish people would leave you alone. You've done nothing to deserve this shit...remember that. :)

Karim ~ Ahhh the sexy vampire!!! Fantastic player, you know how to work people. Very nice guy too ... even if your constant flippering in our stars annoyed me :D Pure class!

Emmaleigh ~ Altho we had probably spoke before, THAT 10post game was our first game...and how crazy it was!! :D Sorry for being partly responsible for your only 10th :(  You are ace though, and it was great to play with you in survivor too recently. You seem to love my accent!! :D Very witty, and an exceptional player. You deserve to be #1 :) Now get unbanned!!!

Corey1 ~ One I've definitely had moments with...such as arguing in the public chat of our first stars, and never really being on the same side of any stars since :( despite that though, you're a cool guy, and actually quite friendsly/funny when we start chatting. I definitely would work with you in a future stars...just probs not as part of a premade I'd be at the bottom of! :D A renowned T$ owner and design buyer...and great to have on skype calls, even if you SHOUT alot and hurt my ears!!! :D

Maggie ~ Arsennnn <333 Our stars was whack, but our survivor = class!! :D You are amazing, always so nice, and have time for everyone. You're such a TIT <3

TheGreatXL ~ Very much missed!!! :( Amazing designer and amazing guy. Met you in newbie stars, we both had the same first 2 stars games haha!! You're so understanding, and were always there if I needed someone to talk to, partic. during that 2nd stars together...haha! I thank you for that <3 And I miss you, always wanted to play more with you! Shayne Ward 4life!

Blazeofglory ~ Ahhh Blazeofwhorey!!!! Met and lost to you in that horriffic stars goodtimes! :D Since then, we've spoke abit on skype but never really played a game I don't think... unless you count various group games lol!!! I respect you as you're a strong, kind of intimidating guy who likes to get his own way. You have quite a dark humour which I just play along with more than anything...its not me being gullible, honest!!! :D Overall I like you. :)

William94 ~ We had one EPIC rookies if I remember right...that was one wacko game!! We had a few funny skype calls soon after, but I've not spoke to you in a while... hope all is well :)

PiscesGirl ~ Met you in one of my alltime favourite games!!! I liked you from the start as you seemed and are so helpful and willing to put others before yourself. You're a total joy to have in games!!!! :)

BengalBoy ~ BengalBoy BengalBoy Bengalboy rock, BengalBoy's chime in BengalBoy time...:D Lol I remember so well singing that to you in the stars pollbox haha! A top lad for sure, and someone who makes me laugh!
Your blogs are some of my favourites on're so clever and funny! We had one game which I enjoyed but I'd love to play more with you too. Still got your poem on my profile :')

Surstromming ~ Currently MIA. :( I always wanted to play with you too, but it just never happened. We haven't spoken much in ages now, but you've always been so nice to me! I will never forget your support of me  in various stars games, particularly Newbie Sars :') Like Dru a funny guy and a top duo on the site! :)

JesseM ~ Omgggg!!!! Our first game together, despite being inactive was legendary...our alliance dominated, fair do's!! :D You've become one of my closest friends on the site, and someone I talk to pretty much every day and can tell anything too! You are very sincere and understanding, and always there if I need to talk to someone! You are also such an underrated stars player too ... one day you will get your win!!! You proved how smart you were in our stars...shame I couldn't have shared more of it with you. I really enjoy playing with you and I hope we're friends for a long time. You're my husband, hehe <3

Lizardwizard ~ I don't know you that well, but played a few games with you - mostly survivor. You're a nice guy and someone I'd like to get to know better...and you ROCK at minigames!!!!!

AntNikiaBonnie & Crystall ~ Not seen much of either of you around lately, but our game was a total epic...loved it!!!! You gurls make a great team and it was a pleasure being alligned with you! You are both stunnnning, and its hard not to be a teeeny bit jealous! :D Being up against you Nikia in stars, was horrible. :(

MoreBeastThanYou ~ You're a great guy, and it was great to meet you in our first game. I was wary of you at first, but once I started talking to you, I liked you instantly. To me, you are someone you have to talk too before judging. You ROCKED stars recently! We've had some hilarious skype chats and great games together too. Love playing & talking to you...& ty for that tiara!!!!! :) <3

Abrogate ~ ILY!!!! Our first game was a sucky 10post, our 2nd however was one of the most dramatic...yet most amazing rookies I ever played!!!! I've nothing but much respect for you ... you are a lovely
guy and a great player too!! Really glad I met you here :)

IcyHot ~ Awww Ambrrrr who could forget our game, lol!! I just associate you with happiness...wherever you are and whoever you're with, you spread love and cheer! You have such a great attitude, and you're one of the sweetest people here - of course tho, don't mess with you! You have gameplayer inside you!! :D

PresumedEvicted ~ Hated our first game, we weren't close lol ... but our other game was pretty good! Glad I decided to allign with you, as I knew I was against the odds. I didn't think I'd even make the finals as I was such a target...I was lucky even to get 5th LOL!!! You were great though, keeping me going...and our duet sessions were so funny!!! you
make a great karaoke partner!!! I want a better game with you though! PrePee FTW!!! <3

TommyG ~ Our first game was a stars in which I just didn't know you :( ever since then however, since you were added into a chat I was in, we've become reallly good friends!!! You are pure classsss and have wirtten some of the funniest blogs ever. The best one was 'you know youre too obsessed with Tengaged when...!' You were an amazing help through a particularly dodgy game of mine,  your wit got me through it!!! I'm so glad I met and made friends with you, I'd definitely had missed out otherwise. You're a GREAT guy and not given enough credit either imo.

Braga ~ Lucassss <3 Such a lovely guy, and a great representitive of Brazil!!! I think we played one game? But it was great, and nice to get to know you. I'll always be thankfull to you for gifting me on love my outfit there! :D Totally adoreeee you.

Phanne ~ Nothing short of HILARIOUS!!! Your blogs are brilliant as they are so dry and witty. You're also super sweet, and I've enjoyed talking to you more recently. Not to mention the fact you ROCK as a gameplayer!!!

MikeDistanz ~ Mikee my Fat Showmance!!!!! Although stars was hard, the Fat Showmance was great light entertainment haha!!!! You're such a playaaaa and you take big risks. You deserved to make the final and I'm glad you did. I love how you just brush off anything flung your way, and just simply carry on. Good for you! You're a great guy :)

Cheznahuf ~ TOTAL LEGEND!!!! Glad I met and got to know you, you're an awesome person and a great player. Our rookies was completely mad, we were all competitive...and it was fun :) Love being on skype calls with you! You have a hot head, but most of the time you're very wise and rational. You have tengaged's hawtest hair!!!

KrisHarris ~ I know that contraversy has surrounded you lately, but I still really like you!! Our rookies, with chez etc was a great game, and it was nice to finally meet you after hearing those infamous podcasts! I was an instant fan of them and I miss them lol!!!  Great guy overall :)

FrankTurner ~ There was a time, because of things like the fact you evicted me in stars, and the fact your great friends with someone I don't get along with here, that I thought you hated me!!! But since we got over all that, talked it out and have become good friends. You're always so nice to talk to, and I can relate to you, with you also being a uni student. Gl with all that...and hope we can play sometime!!! :)

Aquamarine/Metslover/MetsMarine ~ Best skype call/game host EVER!!! :D I've had great memories of your calls, like the time you rigged a game for me, and the time I actually won one!!! [for those who dont know, I really suck @ skype games! :D ] You're a really nice guy, and someone I enjoy talking to even if we don't play/talk that often/. :)

Bbfan99 ~ We've payed 2 games now, and both were...disastrous!!! But particularly in our last, you became a very good friend and ally...I may have got 10th, but you meant business when plotting to avenge me!!! I really appreciate that. You're smart and good to have as an ally...definitely a name to watch out for too! I hope for better games with you :)

~Other Special Mentions!~

OliviaSofie - First added friend , miss ya!!! <3, EnragedBeauty, NoelSarah, Malik0, Snappy, Lexxu, TripleXXX, Clayton, Jakel0vespickler, Scotboy88, Jm101 + Chinchilllaz!, Kirkitude, CCpath, Patrick7893, Tennisallstar94 [Probs the nicest and most chilled of Stars 56!], WillyEx, BabbiiiGurlll, Madacc, Benjii, Bradd306, Konohavillage, Samii5252, RyanLovesCookies, Javy9, TheRazz, Connorthomson, Realityshowfanisback, QueenLibra, Beautiful, Llb92 [Pounds!!], Lukyn, Hannahhh, MadisonBleu, xxJaym, AndyChuck08, PackingCub, Skyblue2005, Haskova, Qwert2, VictorOxila, Shimmark, Xexplosive, Brenn,
Bonkers, Josh742, Chrissyhill01. <333333

In my year here I've accomplished alot, like taking part in the first ever Newbie Stars, Stars 28 [Thankyou Tengaged for voting me btw!!! <3], bought all the colour levels including the top one, Black, parttaking in other interesting and dramatic stars games, winning a few other games, and buying and being gifted various designs. There are still many more things I'd like to do however, like make it into the monthly rankers, and maybe even the actual HOF one day :O But mostly I want to make a stars final. I hope I can strive to achieve these as I continue my Tengaged life!!! :D

I want to thank each and every one of you for making my years worth of experience here on Tengaged an amazing one!! From the LOLs to the drama, from the chilling to the strategising, from the  bidding to the betting,,,I've loved pretty much every minute of it!!! Yes there have been highs and lows, joy, sadness & madness...but would I go back & change anything? No way!!! Thanks for a great year here everyone, & here's to many more! I am also looking forward to hopefully meeting even more great people this year too!!! <3

<333 Tengaged!!!!! :D

~TP :) <33333333


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Awww *-* <33
thanks for remembering me.
Adore u <3 congrats on a year *-*
Sent by Braga,Feb 10, 2010
Happy anniversary :)
Sent by malik0,Feb 10, 2010
princessalegeepee lol. Cant believe it's been a year, a pretty good one at that. Here's to another :)
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 10, 2010
^Lol wouldnt mind, twas you who made that name up :D

cheers everyone<33 yes, heres to another...and many more after that :D
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 10, 2010
awww, I love you<3 thanks so much
Sent by Alexxandra,Feb 14, 2010
Sent by Allyxox,Feb 9, 2016

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