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Logging on from India to say congrats Mar 6, 2014

2 years, 319 days.  By all accounts, it was a good run.  I remember stopping at 37, partially because "37?... In a row?" is such a great movie reference... but in reality, it had gotten tiresome.  The expectations were high, and the joy had left the game for me long before.  The loss of the record finally closes a chapter, and for that I'm grateful.

To you, congrats on your streak, and best of luck to you in adding more to the top.  It seems you're still enjoying the game, so by all accounts, it's probably more fitting the torch is passed.  I got the Skype with news while traveling, and thought it appropriate to come pay my respects.
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Should I? Feb 11, 2013

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So tempting.... Feb 5, 2013


(aka, how to make 19 people crap their pants)
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Hi! My Friend REALLY wants a shop... Aug 31, 2012
... but is too damned lazy to actually spam designs for themselves.  Since I am  a sucker and willing to do their work for them, won't you please plus these godawful designs for them?  And please don't neg them over the annoyance over being spammed... I did say "Sorry for the spam" after all... didn't I?  It's not like apologizing in advance for something I intend to keep doing actually waters down the value of said apology, right?

UPDATE - within two minutes of posting this, I got spammed a design.  True story.

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A Serious Suggestion to Peeps and the Actives May 18, 2012
Today, peeps posted this.

Now normally, I wouldn't publicize his blogs.  I'd neg it, make a trollish comment (maybe), and move on.  Gonna try something different today.  Below is a modified version of a comment I posted there, but I figure I may as well post it separately to see if anyone else agrees with this callout.

Peeps - I challenge you to step down as leader of the Actives... even if it's just for a couple weeks.

If you think people hate your group only because you are the leader, why not step down for a while and see if it changes?  Do not your friends deserve a chance to see if the hatred is just against you, and see if they can flourish under a new leader for a while?

And for once, I am actually being serious here.  If you think it is unfair, then be the bigger man and see if it changes with someone else in charge.  My bet is that you won't do it.  Having your little group of followers means WAY too much to you for you to ever give up the limelight.  My guess is that you'll find some excuse for why my suggestion is not valid, and use that to cover up the truth... that you use your followers as your safety blanket, and that you're nothing in your own mind if you don't have a digital gang.

So - what's it gonna be?

Will you step down and truly let someone else run the show for a bit, or will you cling to your "power"?

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This Guy Is Better at GuitarKP than you.... Oct 26, 2011

OK, returning to silence now.
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