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The Recent Stars Debacle - A Reasonable Solution

Jul 31, 2011 by Noontar
Yes, it's ANOTHER blog where someone rattles off their own thoughts on what happened, who is to blame, and what should be done.  I'm sure you are all sick of these by now, but as I have no real stake in what happened, I figure I may as well run my mouth.  I'm not feeling too lazy to type today, so here goes.

That's some messed up shiz.

Now, let me back up.  It's pretty messed up all around.  The site was busted, and people did what they did to keep the site on schedule.  At the same time, they technically hacked, and created  game dynamic that is way out of whack... a charity Stars of sorts if you think about it.

That said, I think the solution is just a mess.  For starters, one person probably figured out how to "fix" things... not 16.  So, why penalize all of them?  I mean really - Stars is such an event game for a lot of people that they re-arrange their schedules to play it.  If all of a sudden, you log on to a site with a defect in it on your week to try to play... wouldn't you take the first workaround that fell in your lap?

The "cheater's trap" is kind of cruel and unusual in my opinion.  For starters, it was announced after the first noms hit, so one person virtually gets a free pass out.  That gives them an unfair advantage to avoid the penalty.  You add the other issues of a pretty vicious penalty to the person "forced" to win, and this is just a mess.

So, my suggestion:
1.  Fix the bug.  (done)
2.  Let the game proceed.  (done)
3.  Leave the red noses in place for the normal 10 days.
4.  No prizes OR penalties.
5.  Refund the entry fees.
6.  Still count this game as a game played (meaning no one in there can enroll again for a few weeks)

Basically, no rewards, and no penalties but time spent for nothing.  Make it a big practice round.  Hell, put them on probation if you want... but the current solution is just plain wonky, to be fair.  This one at least doesn't take a kneejerk reaction and add another element of imbalance to the site that will no doubt be assumed to be biased whether it is or not.

Anyway, flame/comment away.  This blog is not posted with the knowledge of anyone in the game (before you assume I am being paid off or something).


inb4 comments that "it's his site, he can do what he wants" comments.  Like I didn't know that.
Sent by Noontar,Jul 31, 2011
This sounds good to me!
Sent by tofutime,Jul 31, 2011
He's basically inviting Tengaged to screw over the people they hate the most.
Sent by Scheuerman14,Jul 31, 2011
@Scheuerman - EXACTLY!

And since it's not even a real game, it's not even like spamming to do so will be taboo.  This will end up being an annoying week for everyone.
Sent by Noontar,Jul 31, 2011

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