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Two Can Play at this Game...

Jul 29, 2011 by Noontar

So, I see this blog and am like... hmmm, a newbie... posting a blog and doing up their profile, even making their avatar all nice and pretty.


So I posted the following helpful comment:

" I kind of doubt you are really new to this site.  Just sayin.  If you truly are, good luck.  If you are a multi/new account... some pointers:

    Noobs rarely blog before they have their first game
    Noobs rarely fix up their avatar before their first game
    Noobs rarely fix up their profile before their first game
    Noobs don't usually call themselves noobs.

    If I actually know you, I'll laugh and keep my mouth shut once I get Skyped to shut up in about 5 minutes.  Good luck!"

Now, I fully admit I may be overly cynical.  And tbh, I could really care less about someone trying to multi it up.  To be fair, I was trolling.  A smart person would have just ignored me... or maybe posted an LOL and left it alone.  But this "noob" apparently knows how to delete comments, too!  LOLWHUT?

Anyway, have fun with it, tengaged.


"She" is a beast ;D
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