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  1. What do people think of Jujubee?
  2. Whatever happened to BBCAN's Intro?
  3. Is Veronica actually scary?
  4. Top 10 BBCAN Moments
  5. Hamza gives me Adel vibes
  6. I don't think Brandi voted to save Shannon
  7. Yayyyy
  8. Please don't use it
  9. CBBUS
  10. Shannon is AMAZING
  11. It's weird in Survivor
  12. I love it when I can't sleep
  13. Yay
  14. There is a show on AMC
  15. Hey whatever happened to
  16. When the U.S
  17. Is anyone watching
  18. Top 10 P!NK songs
  19. When im still in 2017
  20. Just watched mother!
  21. Watching Dunkirk for the first time
  22. I'm watching Big Brother 11
  23. Survivor
  24. The best part about Character deaths
  25. When you have insomnia
  26. I dont think that was fair of Jeff
  27. Thoughts on the Walking Dead finaleish
  28. Its funny how wikipedia
  29. Ranking Survivor 30+
  30. ugh i hate my life
  31. Damn
  32. All this Ciera hate
  33. Is Dancing With the Stars any good?
  34. "First, my mother was spanish...
  35. This has been a very sadening season
  36. I called that it would be Desi
  37. When you find out Jonathan Penner
  38. I feel very dead inside at the moment
  39. Its interesting in Micronesia
  40. Random Survivor Seasons Big Brother - WEEK 2


Dec 6, 2017 by NewNightmare7
i missed half the episode but that was an intense tribal

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