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Friday the 13th Rankingvote Oct 21, 2018
No in depth shit, that took forever on Halloween. I will say though that I can watch every friday movie and get some enjoyment so...

12. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
11. Jason X (2002)
10. Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
9. Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning (1985)
8. Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood (1988)
7. Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)
6. Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)
5. Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives (1986)
4. Friday the 13th (2009) - Characters might have sucked but I loved the ultravoilent kills.
3. Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
2. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
1. Friday the 13th (1980) - Not cause its the original, I just liked the characters.

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In depth Halloween series rankings Oct 21, 2018
I wont spoil the recent movie but everything else is fair. This is my favourite Horror franchise to which ive been watching since I was 5 so ill just give a reasoning as to why each movie is where.

11. Halloween: Resurrection (2002) - I can watch every Halloween movie and get a decent ammount of joy out of them for the most part...I can get through this movie however I dont really enjoy it for how much it ruined the great ending of H20. The opening was quite stupid and the rest of the movie wasnt necessary. That being said, I personally love Katee Sackhoff and shes like the only reason I would rewatch this movie. I like to skip this on rewatches.

10. Halloween 2 (2009) - Its a sequel I dont think anyone (except Dimension films) wanted. Rob Zombie didnt even want this movie he just had to direct it. Its another movie where it just felt unecessary. The ghost Sherri Moon Zombie/young Michael plot was stupid (and probably only there so Sherri could be in the movie), Laurie unfortunately wasnt a good character and took the trauma to a very different level rather than Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2018 sequel. My positive for this movie though is that I love Danielle Harris and Brad Dourif and their portrayls as the Bracketts were the best part of the movie. The rest was eh to forgettable.

9. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982) - I actually fucking love this movie. The only reason it is so low on my ranking is because it really shouldnt have Halloween in the title. It might be the movie that really resembles Halloween but its not what the franchise entails and I truly think that without the title, it would have been more sucessful back in 1982. I have alot of positives though about this movie. Its very entertaining, I loved the whackiness of the story and the deaths. The score (especially for the opening credits) is really 80's and well done, and fucking Stonehenge lol. Its a shame of how this movie is per ieved but im happy its a cult classic now and is becoming more appreciated. Oh and I read this comment that this movie was a cash grab, I dont know who the hell thought this movie was a cash grab when the people behind it tried incredibly hard to make a entertaining movie and not the same thing over and over.

8. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) - The ending of Halloween 4 was the first scene I watched from this series but this movie is the first one I actually watched and I became instantly hooked to this series and I wanted to know more. Luckily, it was AMC Fear Fest and of course, they show Halloween like 50 times in October so perfect. This movie holds a special place in my heart but I cant have it any higher because...its just not a good movie. I can watch it and enjoy it but just eh. My positives are: Danielle Harris is great as Jamie Lloyd, the opening credit scene is my favourite in the franchise, and the car chase is very well done and enthralling. I also dont mind Tina as much as other people but I understand why people dont like her lol. My negatives is pretty much everything else. The idea to make Jamie mute was a dumbass idea and almost as bad as to kill the more likable final girl (Rachel) and replace her with someone more whiny (Tina who doesnt even survive the final girl circut). Idk this movie was messy (but I liked the score).

7. Halloween (2007) - I dont mind this movie, I can get through it and enjoy it, its just kind of hard to watch such grit and depressive characters be shit characters. The rape scene was completely unecessary and all the characters (aside from the kids) kind of sucked. Scout Taylor Compton did an ok job at Laurie it was just eh. Danielle Harris did a good job as Annie, its just eh cause its hard to work with Rob Zombie dialogue. That being said, it is much better than its successor and I do like the backstory part to it. It humanizes Michael but for this movie, I was ok with it because someone needs to be humane and it sure wasnt gonna be anyone else. Also, Laurie's parents were robbed lol. Brad Dourif does a great job as sherrif Brackett and Danielle Harris wasnt bad either, as i said it was just hard for what she had. Overall, its not bad just gritty and a little disgusting to get through.

6. Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) - This is a messy movie but its like my guilty pleasure of the series. I love the atmosphere, the grungy score by Alan Howarth, the kills and the tension this movie brought and thats enough for me to get through this movie. The plot is shit and stupid with such a messy production but I can mostly overlook it. For every shitty plot line, there was something good whether it was a kill, a fight or an over the top Paul Rudd performance, I was fine with it. Also, probably the best mask outside of the original and 2018 sequel.

5. Halloween (2018) - This movie was much more different from what I was expecting and that was a good thing. I really enjoyed this sequel, it captivated what was nice about the original and put a very interesting family dynamic spin on trauma and it was very compelling to watch. I really cared about all the characters and when they died it was sad (and for one the biggest wtf ever). Jamie Lee Curtis fucking killed it as a paranoid grandmother willing to do anything to protect her family. Judy Greer did a great job as a daughter having to deal with this transferrable paranoia from and Andi Matichak was a really good granddaughter trying to mend fences without really knowing what shes doing. This movie also did a really good job at keeping tension through what you couldnt see (at least up close in camera perspective). Having Michael be anywhere in the background shot was so well done and that one take wonder looked and performed beautifully. I only have a couple negatives and that mostly stems from that wtf moment that everyone who saw it knows. Like legit, what the fuck was that? It was completely out of left field even though through a bit of reflection made some sense. And the comedy (particularly with Julian and Vicky) while it was funny as fuck (and one of the things I really took from the movie), it felt a little out of place considering how well it was building us up. I did love the interaction though so its only a minor complaint. Also, and this is a weird negative, the editing between the opening scene to opening credits and the final shot to closing credits was so weird to me. It felt like to me, it wasnt ready to start and close the credits lol. Overall, its a great addition to the franchise, I just really love the other 4 movies so no matter what, it was gonna be hard to top it. 

4. Halloween: H20 (1998) - These next 5 movies, I love watching and never get tired of watching them. Its just what I enjoy more in the end. For this movie, I love this movie. Coming off the huge success of Scream, of course every horror movie would try to grab in on that success. Some of the score from Scream is even in this movie. That being said, this is one of the movies that did it right. Jamie Lee Curtis gives a wonderful performance, Michelle Williams and Josh Hartnett do really good jobs as well. The dialogue was well written and the ultimate fight between Michael and Laurie was...soo good it was much better than the 2018 sequel but the reason its number 4 is because it can be pretty boring halfway through. During the setup scenes for the halloween night are eh and not really interesting. It picks up for me around halloween night and i just get sucked back in with that stupid CGI mask for Charlies death scene lol. Thats really the only negative I have and that ending scene is to fucking die for and this is my real original series ending. Resurrection can fuck itself for ruining this ending.

3. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) - I just really love this movie. The pacing was right, the acting was right, the gunshots were not right but I was happy they were there. Donald Pleasence making this movie great while not really needing to be there. Danielle Harris and Ellie Cornell have amazing chemistry and give really good performances as Jamie and Rachel. The other characters are interesting enough to keep me intrigued and the deaths deliver for such little that was actually brought. The rooftop, truck and kelly/brady's death scenes are some of my favourite moments from the series and props to Ellie Cornell for tearing open her stomach during the rooftop scene and still finishing it. Some people can argue that the pacing lacks around the before halfway point and I can agree that it would for some people but it never hasnt for me. Ive always loved this movie from start to finish, I just love the other 2 more.

2. Halloween 2 (1981) - Fuck I love this sequel. The right way to do a sequel for such a no name cast and crew aside from Jamie Lee Curtis/Donald Pleasence/John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Rick Rosenthal did a great job directing and keeping the suspense of the original (Idk how he managed to fuck up Resurrection so badly), the no name cast give surprisingly really good performances (Ive always liked the person who played Janet and her death scene was great but she was robbed). Jamie Lee Curtis with her awful ass wig doing a great job lying in a bed for half of the movie. The kills are also some of the best. While the originals are iconic, I remember these kills for their innovation, using needles in the eye, to pumping oxygen in the brain to the overheating bathtub and the fabulous blood tears. Also, the 80's synth score is just...yes. i love the opening credits to this one just for the score alone. I love this movie so much but nothing will be as iconic as the original so of course, this has to be 2nd.

1. John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) - So much that has been said about this movie has already been said. Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Nancy Stephens, PJ Soles, Nick Castle, Nancy Keyes all doing great jobs in their respective roles. John Carpenters amazing directing on a 21 day shoot with only 300,000 dollars. The infamous opening sequence that was a one take wonder to which during the shot, people were scrambling to move lights around the house so no one would notice the tears and grossness of the walls and halls. One thing that doesnt get talked about as much is the Cinematography. Dean Cundey did an amazing job with his camerawork for not only this movie but Halloween 2 and 3 and his style is very prominent compared to the other sequels. He has such a nice flow with his camerawork that just works for all 3 of those movies. I never get tired of this movie and of course I always watch it during Halloween cause you just cant go through the day without watching this masterpeice.

So that was my ranking with an obvious number 1 but whatever its my list so sue me. This took almost two hours to write but its worth it in the end because I love this series so much. Thank ya :)

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Did anyone notice in Halloween Oct 20, 2018

When Ray and Cameron (I think how you spell it) mentioned Gary Hogeboom's (cant remember how to spell it) name? I was like "ooh gurl I was not expecting a Survivor contestant mentioned in".

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AHS Apocalypse question Oct 11, 2018
So if Madison is going to the murder house, is it a possibility we will find out if she is related to Nora and Charles Montgomery?

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Underdogs are the fan favourites of tengaged Aug 18, 2018
And they always have been so when one side comes into power, tengaged must root for the other side ragardless of whether or not the other side is likable.

Its like in this season of Big Brother, Fessy, Haleigh and Scottie (by association/circumstance) are the underdogs yet its themselves that put them there and continue to do so, its not production or a twist (this can be argued about last week buuuut i never saw any of you hating the hacker twist when Haleigh won it), its their stupidity.

The people on top are on top because they knew how to put them there and you cant hate that type of gameplay (maybe their personalities). Credit deserves credit where its due regardless of the people who did it.

Ok thats all

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RPDR Season 3 Rankings Jul 2, 2018
13th - Mimi Imfurst
12th - Venus D-Lite
11th - Pheonix
10th - Stacy Layne Matthews
9th - India Ferrah
8th - Delta Work
7th - Mariah
6th - Carmen Carerra
5th - Alexis Mateo
4th - Yara Sofia
3rd - Shangela
2nd - Manila Luzon
1st - Raja

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