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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 108: The Finale (Part 1)

Apr 4, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1 (2 Wins)

M-Brock ( DBonee)

District 2

M-Asher ( BarbraStreisand)
F-Shimmer ( BibaBenja)

District 7 (1 Win)

M-Treka ( Kiara_xoxo)

District 8 (1 Win)

F-Chanel ( WannaBeeFriends)

District 12

M-Wyatt ( jtb354)

It’s that time once again.

Only 6 tributes are still alive. But after this 2 Part finale... only one of them will be left standing.

Which of them will walk out of this arena alive? Let’s find out.

The first part of the finale will begin right before the fallen tributes were projected on Day 3.

-What Did You Do?-

Asher is currently climbing up to the career base so he can meet up with Gerult and Kirby to tell them about Shimmer’s kidnapping. He still has a fresh would in his side, but he has managed to patch it up using JV’s first aid kid.

However... when he gets there, all he finds is their empty bags.

He then checks inside of the wall house... and he see’s Brock, organizing what seems to be their stuff.

Asher: B-Brock?

Brock is started at the sound of Asher’s voice. He turns around quickly, seeming as if he’s panicking.

Brock: H-hey! Asher... wh-where’s Shimmer?

Asher doesn’t answer Brock’s question. All he can think about is what Brock is doing.

Asher: W-why do you have Gerult and Kirby’s w-weapons?

Before Brock can answer, the two of them are interupted as the fallen tributes of Day 3 are projected on the crystals stuck in the walls.

Asher notices that Gerult and Kirby’s faces are shown.

Asher turns around to look at Brock, who is now holding a knife, but keeping his distance.

Brock: Now Asher, you... you have to understand I... I had to...

Asher: W-what did you do?

Brock can see a tear go down Asher’s face.

Brock suddenly gets an idea. Maybe, just maybe, he shouldn’t kill Asher.

Brock: Listen Asher, I... I did kill them. But... if they were still alive, they would’ve killed us! They were lovers, man!

Asher: But... but you...

Brock: Listen, I... I want to get to the end with you. I think we’re definitely least favored careers here... the others view us as weak. But I know that we’re both stronger than they think we are.

Asher doesn’t know if he should trust Brock.

Brock: What do you say? Alliance?

Asher: I-I—

Before they exchange more words, they are interrupted by a cannon. Then, the tribute that was just killed is projected on the crystals.

Brock: Oh my god...

-A Distraction and a Sacrifice-

Treka is still standing in the waterfalls with Shimmer, who is still unconscious. There are cockroaches surrounding the area, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Shimmer: Mmm.... huh...?

Treka sees Shimmer is beginning to wake up. Looking at her... he gets an idea.

Shimmer’s eyes awaken to see Treka staring down at her, holding her in his arms.

Treka: Be strong... you’re about to enter the void.

Shimmer: Wha...?

Treka then throws Shimmer out of the waterfall and into the roaches.

Shimmer feels the roaches crawling all over her body, and begins to feel them biting her.

She screams out in pain as she is devoured, until suddenly, she stops.


Treka sees all of the roaches crawling over to Shimmer’s body, and then sees an open path for him to run.

Preparing himself, he runs out of the waterfall as fast as he can, hoping that the roaches won’t crawl over him.

He is able to run to the wall house room, and sees a ladder to climb up. He immediately runs for it and grabs it.

As soon as his feet leave the ground, he immediately tries to brush off the roaches that have managed to crawl onto him.

Treka gets a few bites, but he is fine. He climbs up to the house, and then sees a series of bridges that he can crawl to.

Treka: Is this where you’re all hiding?

-A Late Confession-

Wyatt and Chanel have climbed up quite some way to be safe from the roaches. They are having a discussion as they walk across a couple bridges.

Wyatt: What do you think those things were? The cockroaches I mean.

Chanel: Maybe they’re supposed to be mutts?

Wyatt: But there’s thousands of them! Are you sure the capitol would make thousands of mutt cockroaches for one year?

Chanel: Honestly, with the power they have, they could probably make anything happen in here.

The two continue to have their light hearted discussion. However, Wyatt decides to switch to a... different topic.

Wyatt: Hey... uh... if one of us is gonna win, the other has to die right?

Chanel: Uh... yeah, why...?

Chanel is understandably a little suspicious.

Wyatt: Well, there’s just something I wanted to tell you while we’re both still alive.

Chanel: What?

Wyatt is lost for words. Chanel sees he wants to say something, but he isn’t talking.

Seeing that he can’t gather the courage to speak, Wyatt instead decides to act.






He grabs Chanel and kisses her.

The two stare a long, 8 second kiss, and afterword they both look at each other as if they’ve been together for years.

Chanel: Th-thank you... that was amazing.

Wyatt sees that Chanel is now lost for words herself.

Wyatt: Y-yeah. Don’t mention it. I-I liked it too.

The two stare at each other for a few moments until Chanel breaks the silence.

Chanel: W-we should probably keep going.

Wyatt: Y-yeah. Right.

The two then continue their journey upward.

-A Dark Ambush-

Brock and Asher are working together... for now.

They have decided to make their way down the bridges, hoping to find other tributes. Brock hasn’t noticed, but Asher doesn’t like hunting for them.

As they are walk down a bridge, Asher notices a bottle in Brock’s bag.

Asher: W-what’s that?

Brock: What? Oh, this? It’s nothing important.

Asher stops talking about it, but he knows Brock is holding something back.

Asher is trying to get a closer look at the bottle... but before he can get a good look, he notices that Brock is screaming out in pain.

Asher looks up to see that Treka is standing in front of him with the knife that JV took as he ran to attack him earlier.

Treka: It’s time for you two to enter the void.

Treka pushes Brock aside and then locks his eyes on Asher.

Asher immediately tries to pull out a knife from JV’s set and begins running in the opposite direction as Treka charges at him.

Asher makes it to the top of the bridge as Treka steps onto it. Asher now has a knife, and he is attempting to cut the bridge with Treka on it.

Brock: NO!

Asher suddenly stops as he hears Brock’s voice, and then sees him pulling Treka down with him.

Instead of cutting the bridge, Asher runs down to them. He sees that they are both off of the bridge, and they are now in a struggle.

Asher stabs Treka in the back with his knife, and then runs straight for... Brock’s bag?

Asher looks at the bottle he saw earlier, and sees the word “medicine” on it. He can’t see the liquid in the bottle, though. He also looks at all of Brock’s weapons (Gerult and Kirby’s weapons) and his water canteen.

Meanwhile, Brock has been able to gain control of the situation, and is now choking Treka. He doesn’t notice Asher going through his stuff, and all he’s focusing on is his survival.

Brock now has the upper hand. The two are standing up, with Treka looking like he’s about to give in... when Asher suddenly grabs him out of Brock’s hands.

Asher grabs Treka and throws him off of the edge of the deck of the house, causing him to fall a very long distance.

Brock and Asher listen to his long scream... then they hear a thud... and then a cannon.


They both attempt to collect themselves.

Brock: Thanks for that.

Asher makes no comment.

Asher sees that Brock is about to go to his bag, and he assumes that he’s going to use his medicine.

Asher: I-I have a first aid kit. You can use that to heal your wound.

Asher then pulls out a first aid kit from his bag.

Brock looks at it and considers what to do... but ultimately, he decides it’s better if he saves his medicine for later.

Brock: Thanks.

Brock then reaches for the first aid kid... but then, he sees that someone else is in front of them.

Brock and Asher see that Wyatt and Chanel are standing in front of them.

Chanel: Careers!











Part 2 will be out later today.

5. Treka ( kiara_xoxo) D7M | Fell to his Death from Asher
6. Shimmer ( BibaBenja) D2F | Fed to Mutts by Treka
7. Zeena ( ZEEnon) D10F | Mutts
8. JV ( tbrown_47) D8M | Slaughtered by Treka
9. Gerult ( Crayadian) D5M | Poisoned
10. Kirby ( oswordo3) D5F | Poisoned
11. Barley ( Matedog1209) D9M | Slaughtered by Treka
12. Merk ( Mrkk) D6M | Knife to the Skull from Zeena
13. Clove ( nateclove) D4F | Poisoned
14. Christina ( 7unarEclipse) D9F | Throat Sickled by Treka
15. JayJay ( teamclay) D4M | Poisoned
16. Tree ( Treeko) D10M | Poisoned
17. Tyreek ( benp428) D3M | Throat Slit by Gerult
18. Crystal ( shellbelle) D3F | Knife to the Skull from Kirby
19. Kiara ( keefe) D11F | Throat Slit by Merk
20. Meredith ( Black_Wave) D7F | Spear to the Head from Brock
21. Eden ( Heavenlee) D6F | Axe to the Skull from Shimmer
22. Lovelace ( burgta01) D1F | Knife to the Skull from Zeena
23. Herrera ( manafa) D11M | Neck Snapped by JayJay
24. Hilary ( tokio) D12F | Throat Sickled by Treka

District Placements:

5. District 7
6. District 10
7. District 5
8. District 9
9. District 6
10. District 4
11. District 3
12. District 11



Omg Top 4 baby
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we love a love story
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