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  1. Oh my god
  2. Stream Cuz I Love You
  3. happy valentines day
  4. levonini got uglier lol
  5. Join frooks w Marie
  6. whos going home in cbb
  7. the nicki freestyle remixes
  8. i want to blow someone on the blogs page
  9. I really want to blow
  10. join frooks w me im bored
  11. unpopular opinion
  12. I wish MTV/VH1
  13. Wishing
  14. How sad
  15. This half time show is trash
  16. PYN || Biracial couple looking for a 3rd...
  17. it pays to be kind
  18. i think
  19. never forget
  20. I don’t get enough credit
  21. Hey boyfriend
  22. fuck all of you pussy bitches
  23. Join frooks
  24. frooks? xxx
  25. Winner and i sit at the finale
  26. SAD!
  27. Winner got evicted
  29. im the most likable person
  30. i have to many tgers on snap
  31. allieboballie hates trans ppl
  32. ive rly been wanting
  33. im sick
  34. am I allowed
  35. Looking for new friends
  36. 7 rings slaps
  37. Just got out of the slammer
  38. I’m not watching that gay shit
  39. ohhh ok
  40. about to update my pyn xx

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Wishing Feb 3, 2019
I was in danger 's strong muscly arms tonight :(
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How sad Feb 3, 2019
That we could have had Rihanna if the NFL wasn't trash
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This half time show is trash Feb 3, 2019
Bring back Beyoncé
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PYN || Biracial couple looking for a 3rd... Jan 30, 2019
Me and my "close" pal titoburitto have been looking for a new 3rd
The position was previously held by levonini who became very strange and we decided to rebrand ourselves not including him. Danger tried to hold the position but didn't have what we were looking for..

PYN and Juan and I will both say "yes" or "no", depending on if we think ur the right kinda girl were looking for.. we won't say who is saying what to keep it anon.

? : no reason being hes too dark and we already have a token minority in the trio
? : yes, i think ud be a perfect fit and i cant wait for u to blow me in april

? : dash it's a good thing u didn't say urself because you would literally never be accepted, you're way too much of a fucking dork for us. dru ur a fun guy but "not into all tht"
? : no. i feel like you would talk about protien shakes too much n i cant deal w all that

? : thank u, next. this is 2019 were rebranding and ur fucking boring ass incest jokes is staying in 2018
? : no. she couldnt keep up so she gets left behind.

? : no for many reasons but just 1 of the few being ur name is actually joey.... like what isn't that a kangaroo hun?
? : ur a cute girl and i think wed have good times but were looking for a girl w a little more punch, sorry!

? : NEVER, not even if you were the last girl alive. ur dirty reputation would drag ours down and were not a charity case for the broken
? : which personality hun?.... one sure, shes cute.... the other, definitely never
Points: 48 26 comments
it pays to be kind Jan 30, 2019
Points: 15 3 comments
i think Jan 29, 2019
im gonna be gender neutral this yr
Points: 57 7 comments