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10 Year Anniversary {PYN}

3rdMar 23, 2020 by Lemjam6
Today, March 23, 2010 is my 10 year anniversary. It鈥檚 crazy and kinda pathetic, I joined when I was 12 years old in 7th grade, now I鈥檓 22 and finishing my MBA in May. This site has definitely changed me, I really grew up on here. It鈥檚 crazy the bonds you can form on here, people will never understand. This website taught me a lot and I built great friendships that will last a long time. (I even met a few of you IRL!) I have spent a lot of time here and it鈥檚 definitely hurt me in ways I鈥檒l probably get over, but it has been quite the experience. So many people hate me, but that鈥檚 okay. The biggest thing Tengaged taught me was how to grow thick skin. I used to be so sweet and innocent, IDK what happened to me!

Post Your Name and I will say something nice about you and how you鈥檝e impacted me! If I don鈥檛 know you or can鈥檛 think of anything nice to say I will just skip you. #PositiveVibes


#Zachbbs - We've had our ups and downs, but I think we're cool right now. I think you're funny and I like reading your opinionated blogs.

#Bamold1999 - Definitely one of the people who have impacted me the most! Our friendship has been a roller coaster ride. We'll be best friends and then worst enemies. However, I always do say that you did kinda help me become the "dictator" I became in CYA. When you and Annika and Rob hated me, I was forced to make a chat of my own. We've had a relationship for years now and I'm glad we're finally back to being friends. I've enjoyed being on call with you until late hours of the night lately. To hopefully more years of friendship...ILY.

#xCelestex - I hated you for a little while, but you did apologize to me and that was much appreciated. We're friends now! #Chomratica

#Sjsoccer88 - You're one of my longest friends on here! You know I absolutely love you, you're like a brother to me. You've never been unloyal to me, you're always a great ally and I love playing Survivor with you. I'm glad you started coming on calls again lately because you're fun to talk to. You also always jump people on the blogs page when they come for me, thanks for being a king forever.

#PureEssence - We used to not like each other, but we were young and immature! We don't talk or anything, but I like you and I think you're a sweet girl. I remember the struggle you went on with your teeth and I remember you making your blog about braces and I was so happy for you. I know you're busy in college now and you're doing great things! I hope all is well, reach out to me sometime.

Rosemaria - One of my absolute best friends <3 I love talking to you about anything because we have a lot in common and a lot of the same interests. You're one of the funniest people I know you always can make me laugh with the random things you say. We're both crazy and take games too seriously, but I know I can always count on you to be there for me.

Eoin - Oh Eoin! You're definitely one of my closest friends on the website. We can talk for hours about Survivor or Big Brother and do Bransteeles for hours and not get bored, but other people don't understand. We argue sometimes, but I know we'll always be friends. I'm glad I have an Irish friend, you taught me a lot. It has been nice seeing you grow for the last like 6 years, you used to be a sheep who was bullied by everyone and now you're racist and bully other people. I couldn't be more proud.

Petro - Our friendship has been on and off, I think sometimes you can be thick header and you think your bff is always right when he's definitely always wrong. But I consider us friends and I do like you even though we don't talk much now. I enjoy working with you in frooks!

Survivor8 - You've definitely been one of my biggest influences on Tengaged. You were my absolute first friend and luckily enough for me, you were hosting a group game and I played and that's what started my love for group games. I enjoyed playing under your wing when I was noob and you taught me a lot of what I know about strategy and helped me become the player I am today/ the villain I am today. I used to be so nice IDK what happened! I will always love you like a brother even if we don't talk too much anymore. I love your random mails :)

Allison - A lot of people probably don't know this and you might not even remember, but we were good friends years ago! You were in CYA and we played games together all the time and went on calls. Then you returned years later and actually became popular on the website and we haven't talked since. I hope you're well!

Christian_ - Loyal king. I love playing games with you because we're both try-hards and you are always loyal to me. I truly can't remember a time you ever fucked me over or vice-versa. We haven't played a game together in a while, but that doesn't stop you from checking up on me and messaging me whenever I'm in a group game to show your support. Thanks for being a good friend I wish you got on call with me every once in a while!

Carriexoxo24xo - You're such a good friend <3 You're always loyal to me no matter what and you message me all the time. I'm not as good of a friend as you, I definitely have to message you more. You have to get better at comps before we join Survivor again.

BlueLagoon506 - Oh Vish, lately I have seen the psycho come out of you once again, but you're somebody who I know will always have my back no matter what. I love talking to you because you're a really supportive friend and I will always appreciate it. We have been friends for years and I know we'll be friends for a lot longer because we always have each others backs. I just don't think I can play anymore games with you!

Koolness234 - We don't really have too much of a personal relationship, but I think we both definitely have a mutual respect for each other as people and as players. Years ago we used to not get along, but I like you now and I wish we talked more than we actually did because I do like you.

MarieTori - Oddly enough, I thought of you while I was writing this blog and I'm not sure why. I was wondering what I would write about you and we actually were close friends for a little while. I really like you and I enjoy talking to you and when we used to go on calls I enjoyed talking to you. I'm not sure where things really went wrong with us where we stopped being friends. Not sure if you just made new friends or if we got a in a fight or I don't know what really happened. Regardless, I just wanted to say that I do like you and I think you're a fun person to talk to and we have a lot of the same interests in shows!

Mmabatlokoamolefe - Dylan, we have been friends for so long. I know we're both a little crazy and we argue at times, but I adore you. You're a very loyal person and have been long misunderstood on this website. I think you're absolutely hilarious and I love the calls we go on and the random things we talk about. We have so many memories on this website I can't even begin to name them all.

Mbarnish1 - I feel like we used to not get along just based on the different friend groups we have, but you reached out to me at one point and I have liked you ever since. We don't talk too much on a personal level, but we always work together in games and we're always loyal to each other. I think you're a really good person.

Kindred7 - Ugh, my love. I don't care how little we talk anymore, I adore you and I always will. I think you are just such a light on this website and you just radiate positivity. You make the people around you more light-hearted and truly better people. You were part of my favorite tribe ever and I enjoyed the struggles we went through for so long, you were an amazing tribe member and I miss the experiences. I think you're amazing and I'm truly honored that I had the chance to meet you in that Survivor because knowing you is so much better than any of the merges I got. I would love to play a game with you at some point again soon.

Jacksonjoseph99 - You're truly one of my favorite people now. I love talking to you about Survivor and sharing our opinions because I think you're so funny. It's weird because I feel like years ago we were "friends", but I'm not really share how we actually felt about each other. But now we really are friends and I love doing rankdowns with you with our random stans.

Cfff - Brian, we have been friends forever. We've never really had a big fight (until recently!), but that was still squashed relatively quickly. I love that we can talk about reality TV shows for hours on end and never get bored and I love that although you are a private person, you have always trusted me enough to tell me things. You're a really great friend and I love the memories we've had in games/on calls there are way too many to name.

Moxii - This is a weird because I think this was a case of getting too close too fast. We met in that Queens of Pop Skype Game and we immediately connected. I loved talking to you and at that time I truly considered you one of my closest friends on the website, if not my closest friend. When you fucked me over in that frookies it really hurt because I would've never done that to you, but the hateful things you said and laughing about me on call with other people and making up lies about our friendship and really laughing in my face and saying our friendship was never real, these are things I will probably never really get over. We're cordial now and I do care about you, I wish you the absolute best, but I'm not sure if we'll ever have a friendship again like we did. But I think that you're a good person and an underrated game player, you were impressive in the games we played. Ya know, not as good as me, but you were good. ;)

Systrix - We don't know each other too well, but we always support each other on the blogs page or when we're in games together. I think you're really sweet and we should some time aside from you begging for gifts! :P

Hwest14 - Oh Houston I absolutely adore you. We used to be closer than we are now and we'd play frookies and go on call, but you are someone who has always stuck by me no matter what. If we're ever in a game, we work together. If we're ever on the blogs page, we communicate here and there. I've had a lot of bad things said about me on this site, but you're one person who has never judged me or pushed me to the side no matter what. Plus, you introduced me to Quinn who I still talk to and I absolutely love him. You will forever be my fellow P!nk fan and I love you for that.

Obscurity - I used to really like you and thought you were a fun troll, but someone who I got along with. Lately, you seem to have a bit of an obsession with me and trying to take me out of games. I take games seriously, come on you should know this! But I do think you're very funny, so I will say that. And for someone who trolls, you're a very good player.

Philip13 - You randomly mailed me one day wanting to be friends and I really appreciated that because I feel like in this day and age on TG, I don't make many new friends, I stick with the people I've known for years. Shortly after that, you fucked me over in a frookies! But it's alright, I still like you :)

Pieguy555 - We used to be good friends and we'd go on calls, I'm not really sure where things went badly between us. If you remember, let me know. But I remember you absolutely despising me for a period of time and I do get that, it's a pretty popular thing to do. I think we're fine now and after playing the 100 Person Survivor with you, I definitely hold you in a higher regard as a player than I did before. I never thought of you as a good player, but you proved me wrong! But the fake screenshots...come on.

Bengalboy - We've never had too much of a personal relationship, but you're definitely a cool dude and someone who makes light of every situation. I think we've always gotten along with no problem despite us both being big characters. You're probably my favorite blogger, I love reading your lists and rankings you make about random things. I'm still waiting to be included in one because it's been a while, but it's no surprise why everyone on here loves you so much.

Sprtsgy1989 - You're a king and always nice to me. You're funny and a great stars ally, you helped me finally win!

Decisions - I love you and I loved being your friend, I nominated you over people I was on call with and I feel bad about it, but you blocked me because of it :( I do think you're fun to talk to and loyal.

Birks4444 - I used to hate you because you had such vile friends and always defended them in chats I was in. I was rude to you, but we're cool now and I enjoy talking to you about Survivor even though you have bad opinions.

Bunnycat - I always loved you even if we never really had a relationship. You were someone I always wanted to be friends with and you gifted me out of the blue one time and I will always remember it. I'm glad we got to play Stars together on my multi and I was so upset when you got evicted against me because I volunteered to go :( I think you're a sweetheart and GL in stars now <3

Oldnewz - I'm not really sure where we stand. I definitely don't dislike you although I know we both disliked each other at one point in time but I'm cool with you now even though probably don't like me because that's the popular thing to do. I liked playing your group game and I'm ready for All Winners!

Emzthorne - I've said this to you before, I don't know where we stand. Personally, I like you and I think you're funny. You don't take shit too seriously and I like that about you, but I still get a weird vibe that you don't like me. Brendan did talk to me and told me about things going on so I do have to judge that situation, but you've never done anything wrong to me. I like you!

Brandonpinzu - You're definitely one of the closest friends I've ever had. We don't talk much anymore, but we used to go on call all day everyday and I think you're just hilarious. You're one of the best players I've ever played with and I just love everything about you. I seriously can't say a single negative thing about you and I miss the relationship that we once had. I know you're so busy, but I miss you and just know that I'll always love you and I'll always have your back no matter what. Unless it's TTBB.


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Happy 10 years, if ur down to move things behind us over the ratchet game. You can message me
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LOL @ thick skin

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whoa 10 years! Congrats and Kindred7
carriexoxo24xo and i are big fans
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we love a decade of jake
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