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Omfggg! THANK YOU 56.8% ❤️

1stFeb 11, 2024 by Jewcub1024
You have no idea how much this moment means to me. Thank you everyone, I really wanted this more than ANYTHING

I really got so hyper fixated about playing stars because after coming so close multiple times, I wanted to know if it was a possibility and since it is, I can finally end that chapter 

This is all I ever wanted on here and seriously THANK YOU and I’m so lucky to all the new friendships I made this week both inside and outside of this stars


Yass i voted u
Sent by victoriaclark12,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by Yoko_Homo,Feb 11, 2024
YAY i love u congrats u wanted this for so long!!
Sent by peace123,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by BoyToy4Cato,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by MsKathryne,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by Vicey,Feb 11, 2024
Congrats !! You did so good 💕
Sent by Tryphena,Feb 11, 2024
Congrats 🫶
Sent by Jenna2010,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by Music,Feb 11, 2024
Congrats 🫶
Sent by Geoo,Feb 11, 2024
Victoriaclark12 that means so much

Yoko_Homo aaaa thank you icon ❤️ love that you’ve always been supportive of me and also let me be your stylist xx

peace123 I really did! I now can finally just be a castings diva haha. Ily ❤️❤️

turkeylover a WIN for the dolls and for the STL queens ❤️ I love you and our friendship

MsKathryne Yea I’m that jew, the dolls all know ❤️ Thank you for always believing in this dream for me and being one of my favorite people xx
Sent by Jewcub1024,Feb 11, 2024
So happy for you!
Sent by moup94,Feb 11, 2024
yessss we are so excited for you!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Feb 11, 2024
Vicey I did this for you ❤️❤️ I’m so happy I got to know you this game and I could make this happen when all the odds were against us. Can’t wait to continue our friendship

Tryphena THANK YOU! Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected anything like this. You’ve always been so supportive and loving towards me and it’s always meant so much

Jenna2010 thank you 🥺🥺 I know we only played like one game together but you’ve always been so kind and amazing and I’m glad we met

Music omg ❤️❤️ Thank you for not giving up on me cause I know I’ve played A LOT! I’ve always enjoyed us playing castings together and I hope we have the chance to do that again xx

Geoo THANK YOU! ❤️ We’ve had some rough moments on here cause past games but I’m really happy we were able to continue our friendship and I truly love you as a person ❤️ I’m so ecstatic we both finally got to win stars cause I know it’s been a goal for both of us xx
Sent by Jewcub1024,Feb 11, 2024
Congrats hun. You deserve this!!!
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 11, 2024
moup94 Thank you! Words can’t even express everything I’m feeling. I can’t wait to see you in all future games even when you made that one casting so HARD for me with you snatching 15 keys haha ❤️

cheritaisdelicious Omggg 😭❤️ I was so overwhelmed with how much support I had. There were so many times when I wasn’t sure if I would even want to play stars again but I’m so happy you kept having me push myself and made me want to be a better person on here both as a game player but also mentally and I’m so appreciative of that ❤️❤️
Sent by Jewcub1024,Feb 11, 2024
PrincessKandi2014 hearing that from you means everything to me ❤️ I hope this year we keep in touch this year because you’ve been so nice in this short time of knowing you ❤️❤️❤️
Sent by Jewcub1024,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by Royaltyy,Feb 11, 2024
Congrats! I’m happy for you, lovely!
Sent by stolenseason,Feb 11, 2024
You played an amazing game!!! Well done king welcome to the club of stars winners yasss 🥰❤️
Sent by brunodrads,Feb 11, 2024
Grats king we need a vlog of you celebrating <3
Sent by Phono,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by biminibonboulash,Feb 12, 2024
Sent by Daniel473612,Feb 12, 2024
So glad you finally got this!
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Feb 12, 2024
Grats Jacob!!!! You slayed sm <3
Sent by Diva_,Feb 12, 2024
Congrats babe
Sent by SlutishaOMann,Feb 12, 2024
You deserved it <3
Sent by Lex13579,Feb 12, 2024
Royaltyy thank you! Things weren’t looking so good for me early on but you basically told me to get my shit together and if you didn’t this game would’ve gone a lot different. Thank you ❤️

stolenseason Thank you! ❤️ You’ve always been so amazing towards me, especially when we played Frookies together and you’re always someone I can rely on. Glad I know you xx

brunodrads omgg thank you so much!! ❤️❤️ I have so much love you even if we don’t talk as much as I’d like to. You’ve always shown me so much support and have been so warm towards me. It even means a lot how you support me by ROCKING my fur coat designs so hard ❤️❤️ You’re truly incredible

Phono I just started getting to know you in my recent vivor game and I’m so glad I got the chance to. I saw your Julia profile pic and I KNEW you’d be someone I’d get along with ❤️ thank you for being someone I can share this moment with

biminibonboulash MY ICON! And one of my closest friends on here. You have always been someone I truly admire because you’re so naturally good at everything you do, whether it’s gameplay or having so much charisma that radiates off you. When I met you I remember instantly wanting to be your friend cause your username and then just seeing you kill it in EVERY single stars made me want to do the same and I’m so happy you’re here to be proud of me in this moment ❤️❤️ ilysm
Sent by Jewcub1024,Feb 12, 2024
Daniel473612 Thank you so much! It means so much all the positive messages you were sending me this whole entire game and I’m so glad I have people like you in my life to make me feel so valid ❤️

Fritzyyyyy Omg ❤️ I think we only played one game together but you have been here for me since the very beginning and there’s never been a moment where I felt you didn’t have my back and that’s rare to find on here

Diva_ You are one the sweetest people I’ve met on here. You were apart of my very first stars and I will never be able to forget that because you made it such a memorable experience

SlutishaOMann Thank you bb ❤️ Whether it’s been on here or us playing orgs on discord together, even if we weren’t working together, you have never once made it personal or have shown negativity. You’re a great friend xx

Lex13579 I can’t tell you enough how appreciative I am to have you in my life. I will always be one of your biggest fans when it comes to your designs because you are absolutely thriving and I’m so glad that you do the same with me. You always brighten up my day and you were one of my first friends on here and I’m so glad we’ve been friends til this very day ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for celebrating me, you being just as excited for me as I am and being someone I can always talk to about anything. Ilyyyy ❤️
Sent by Jewcub1024,Feb 13, 2024

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