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  1. I want to see some
  2. I creamed my knickers!!!
  3. When the witches go riding...
  4. How wide is your pussy?
  5. Drop it down low...
  6. Why is tengage dead?
  7. Give me hallmark
  8. She has fat pussy lips
  9. She has fat pussy lips
  10. Me and my girl
  11. Let me lick you in places
  12. Let me lick you in places
  13. I love u
  14. Hi baby
  15. Hi baby
  16. Bend over
  17. I want to play with your pussy
  18. In the middle of the night
  19. Why did you vote
  20. Happy Birthday Hoe
  21. I opened my etsy shop
  22. I'm craving a big fat Dick!!!
  23. Finger bang me and rim me
  24. Good luck Kelly ❤
  25. Nick just got blood on his hands
  26. Jessica's gameplay sucks!
  27. I couldn't get the funko pops
  28. You're so amazing
  29. Ban Eilish Periodt!
  30. Anyone got a condom
  31. I need a daddy...
  32. Stephanie Soo > Veronica Wang
  33. Im craving Yoshinoya
  34. She's a total cum slut
  35. Plus this I need 1.5$T
  36. Hi bitches :)
  37. Please nom
  38. How long does it take to fill a frookies now?
  39. Im sad
  40. Now that frookies is dead

Thank you so much for my birthday Charity

Feb 10, 2019 by Jayglezst
I love you all 💙
You made me feel extra special! Glad I could count on you guys.



Sent by MarieEve,Feb 10, 2019
Happy Birthday Messy Bitch
Sent by D882,Feb 10, 2019
D882 I love u hoe!
Sent by Jayglezst,Feb 10, 2019
No problem for you buddy
Sent by Tyler93,Feb 10, 2019
Sent by Blitszims,Feb 10, 2019
Sent by Charopanda,Feb 10, 2019
congrats :D
Sent by damo1990,Feb 11, 2019
Weeeeeeeee S2
Sent by VegaWay,Feb 11, 2019
King ❤️😁
Sent by joneduardo,Feb 11, 2019

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