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I’ve never been trolled so hard!

3rdMar 17, 2024 by Jayglezst
from abrogated 55 min ago
Hi fabulous

from abrogated 51 min ago
Life is too short to be rude. I'm sorry for all of the drama and mean things I said about you.

Day1 HOH abrogated has nominated Jayglezst and Runaways


It's Rude but honestly kinda iconic too 😂
Sent by Pupdice,Mar 17, 2024
Pupdice that’s why I’m not even mad at it! It was so diabolical lol
Sent by Jayglezst,Mar 17, 2024
But he doesn't deal with fakeness he said
Sent by Pavaneli,Mar 17, 2024
She is si FABULOUS
Sent by Yoko_Homo,Mar 17, 2024
looooooooooooooool he sent me too
Sent by alex_naf,Mar 17, 2024
love this
Sent by Harley,Mar 17, 2024
Idk how nominating you in a frookies relates to bad things said about you
Sent by Yonaka,Mar 17, 2024
wow he's such a racist little bitch lately.
Sent by Fendimania,Mar 17, 2024

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