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I wasn’t gonna say anything but I will!

7thMar 18, 2024 by Jayglezst
I’m sorry but to imply that Scott did something to himself because of other peoples actions is plain emotional blackmail. In the first place he shouldn’t be here on the website. He was banned for a reason. Secondly Tengaged is a very toxic environment for someone who is going through a mental health crisis. It’s his responsibility to stay away from this site. No one put a gun on his head and forced him to make another account so that people on this website could continue “bully” him. Nijoco for example had a mental breakdown and left the site completely because he took responsibility for his mental health into his own hands. Thirdly I’ve seen Scott attacking people on this website with very gruesome comments about death. So people are gonna get tired of his shit and start to defend themselves mental illness or not. It is 2024 and we need to stop making excuses and blaming others for our mental health. So please stop blaming LBrice Cazweet Dalvin Diancie Diva_ Santu for Scott’s mental health issues. And implying that he’s gonna harm himself because of them. He is not a victim. These are the consequences of his actions and he needs to leave this website for his own benefit!


Sent by Santu,Mar 18, 2024
Doesn’t make that group any less toxic
Sent by AbioticSand,Mar 19, 2024
Que buenas palabras de verdad ❤️ ojalá este mensaje lo tomen todos ..
Sent by lBrice,Mar 19, 2024
Amiga gracias por hablar con la verdad

Además ninguno de nosotros ha dicho nada de ese tipo
Yo le defiendo de los ataques de la shrek_ed que como es una mesera frustrada tiene que hablar de la gente que si trabaja
Sent by cazweet,Mar 19, 2024
+++ thanks jay, por fin alguien que dice las cosas como son
Sent by Diva_,Mar 19, 2024
Te amamos
At no point are we messing with Scott, at least with his mental health, we know nenalala's history

The worst thing is that he blocks us and doesn't let us defend ourselves and plays the victim
Sent by Dalvin,Mar 19, 2024
I think the real problem here is that there's a person that's using Scott's mental illness as an excuse to attack a group of people without even having any regard for how that would affect Scott.

This doesn't justify that using someone's mental illness to attack him is correct by any means. And regardless of whether this person is right or wrong, I believe that the intention was never to defend Scott, include him in a discussion that he wasn't a part of (as he did with many other topics that had nothing to do with what happened) in order to "protect him", and using his illness as a shield knowing that it would hurt Scott himself the most. It was nothing more than a cheap and sadic strategy to obtain empathy from the users of this community and get their way.

Revictimizing a person is never a way to defend them. That's not only cruel and sick, it's manipulative. Especially if it comes from a person who boasts and considers themselves superior to everyone else for having a degree. Do you wanna protect a person with a mental illness? Go to that person, talk to them, listen what they're going trough and then talk to these "bullies" in private, where the person cannot be affected by the comments or the repercussions of what you are going to say.

And not only that, this person also made fun of some users because of their gender identities when they were teenagers. Claiming this as an excuse to get a person removed from a game to a point where it became harassment, and everyone saw it. What's up with that?

Using someone else's mental illness to make yourself the hero of the story and then attacking several people for having conflicts with their gender identity as teenagers!

Do you all understand how twisted and pathetic all of this sounds?
Sent by Faake,Mar 19, 2024
-17 por no etiquetar
Sent by looana,Mar 19, 2024
Looana porque estamos en pleito desde que me dijistes que estaba en decadencia bebesito.
Sent by Jayglezst,Mar 19, 2024
faake eres muy sabio
Sent by cazweet,Mar 19, 2024

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