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Let me speak on this

Mar 28, 2024 by Jayglezst
Beyoncé has always been very very very!!! I repeat very selective and strategic on the female singers she collabs with. If you look back there is only very few you can name. I believe her collaborating with Miley Cyrus shows that she admires and has respect for her. Because the queen doesn’t collab just with anyone! Many have dreamed but very few have gotten on a track with Bey! That means she considers Miley at her level. And she knows Miley will help her bump her album forward. She wants that best album of the year at any cost and this is her way of getting it! Don’t blame the player blame the game! What the queen wants the queen will get!


that ain’t admiration of talent, that’s admiration of publicity
Sent by Brayden_,Mar 28, 2024

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