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Castings Question

1stApr 22, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
What is the current record for the highest amount of checks ever for one game and do I have a chance of breaking it?  I'm on Day 11 of a 16-day Castings that I know won't be getting another death and my checks as of Day 11 are 8300.

EDIT: As of 11:37 PM EST on 4/22/2018, I have officially broken 10k checks in the selfsame game!



that game looks liek so much effort and only 1 person is gonna get 40k
Sent by jackyboy,Apr 22, 2018
Sent by MarieEve,Apr 22, 2018
Plussed! GL 馃挐
Sent by TaraG,Apr 22, 2018
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Apr 22, 2018
I remember one person getting 17.000 checks in .br, but I don't about here
Sent by Matte,Apr 22, 2018
I don't know if it's still like this, but in the past, when you had higher checks, they used to grow faster
Sent by Matte,Apr 22, 2018
C00LDUDE1000  Here is the game I am in:

That number of checks was as of 6 o'clock this morning.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Apr 22, 2018
I had like almost 20k one game like 4 years ago
Sent by Thumper91,Apr 22, 2018
i was in a casting that lasted 13 days we had a shitload of comments felt like it was never going to end we had 2 deaths
Sent by WpwSers196,Apr 22, 2018
Wowwwwww icarus_mark you may be able to get over 15,000 checks LMAO
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Apr 22, 2018
Good luck with that!:)
Sent by Talian,Apr 22, 2018
wow mark king and daddy.. i'm just shook
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Apr 22, 2018
OMG Mark just snatched the last two hairs out of my now bald scalp
Sent by Katherinee_,Apr 22, 2018
Just to say
you may not be able to fill any other casting you enroll! haha
Sent by Matte,Apr 22, 2018
I'm perfectly fine with that Matte  haha  :D

And wow Thumper91, that's amazing!  :O
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Apr 22, 2018
Damn Daniel
Sent by danyyboy67,Apr 22, 2018
there was a time that slow castings were gone for a while, and then in the first game it came back there were 20 active people and i think people got to around 20k checks? ask lemonface she was in that game and got 22 keys or something stupid like that
Sent by donaam,Apr 22, 2018
donaam didnt she still lose
Sent by Clone,Apr 22, 2018
Clone yes 3rd place lmao fucking loser
Sent by donaam,Apr 22, 2018
I once reached 11k checks
Sent by _Adidas_,Apr 22, 2018
This is insaneeee. Good luck!
Sent by Ari_,Apr 23, 2018

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