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Quick Castings Questionvote Apr 20, 2018
What's the most checks anyone's had in a Castings?  It's Day 7 in one of my Castings, there's only been 1 death, and I think I might have a chance to break 10,000 checks.

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Okay, let's just get something straight over Apr 11, 2018
I know I can be a mean person, and I don't want to sound like an obsessive asshole or whatever, but I have seen multiple blogs calling TaraG's blog hypocritical, and reading every single one I have so far, it sounds to me like this is a CLASSIC case of the pot calling the kettle black!

I'm not going to try and say be nice because I'm not being nice in this blog, but if your gonna call someone a hypocrite, then check and make sure your own hypocrisy isn't showing first.  If you can't do that, then shut the fuck up!
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So what's with the whole Captcha business? Apr 11, 2018
As of right now, I already know RedFabFoxy and Matte are having problems logging on to this website because of a new Captcha feature I just heard about?  And there are probably others who have already run into this problem as well.  What exactly is this and how are people logging in?
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I'm GLAD you got banned!
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I am LIVID Apr 6, 2018
And really, I don't care what anyone says or what anyone does, but whoever hacked amylou8251 and enrolled her into Survivor, fuck off!

I'll admit I hadn't been the greatest person for her over the years, and yes, if I had not seen account enrolled in Survivor with a bunch of other hacked accounts, I would not have even known the difference, but the fact I went straight to her e-mail and told her once I did find out should give you all a good indication of much I will really care for those I care about most on this website.  So whoever has her account, just hope that the e-mail I have for her isn't one she uses anymore.
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Instead of filtering Apr 5, 2018
I decided to have a little fun with the hate mails, so I responded here:

I'm not saying I hate you
Apr 5, 2018 13:33:55
I'm not saying I hate you

but, the only thing positive about these mails is that it gives me something to send straight to the trash.
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