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Would you sayvote Nov 18, 2018
that this is an All-Stars Castings or nah?


This game shows promise to be one from an outsider's perspective.

Points: 9 5 comments
Um Nov 16, 2018
Wasn't this like 10/20 just a few minutes ago?


And now it's 17/20.  Either there's multis or some people are really excited to play.
Points: 28 4 comments
Bringing back an old PYN Nov 13, 2018
So tonight, I'd decided to go back through most of my blogs and cringe and all the clutter I'd posted over the years.  Somehow, I managed to make myself cringe every year I've been on here, but I know that times will always change.  So here's a PYN I did back in 2016, and in the style I worded it back then in 2016...

But I'm not gonna rank from fave to least fave.  Instead, I'm gonna give you a grade based on how cool I am with you.  Here's how it works:

A - We're great friends/best friends/ etc.
B - We're cool with each other or we're friends and we haven't talked in a long time
C - Neutral/I don't know you
D - Needs improvement
F - I just don't like you

If you can't handle shit, don't even bother because I'm going to be honest when giving these out.

#spartagow - C
#Delete2544 - C
#ghrocky100 - B
#Cheeseman2468 - B
#Blitszims - A
#Roshy - B
#tiffanox3 - B (We only had that one game together, but already you're off to a pretty good start  :P)
#RightToCensor - D (We haven't always gotten along in the Blogs Page, but if it's any consolation, you're on the high side of D because we don't really acknowledge each other outside of that)
#GoodKaren - A (although we haven't talked lately)
#AshlynArehart - B
#FireWolf - A
#M_Davis1998 - C
#EmzThorne - F
#masqui - B
#Macda27 - B
RedFabFoxy - Borderline B/A (the reason you're not an outright A is because we've never added each other as friends)
Jacko308 - C (Unfortunately, I don't know you.  :(  But yeah, feel free to talk if you wanna.  Also, if I don't know you, you get a C.)
ItsAlexia - D (we've had our disagreements in the past, but I am willing to move on past them and start fresh with you.)
Arris - Borderline C/B (Feel free to hit me up sometime.  ^_^)
RedsKanto - C
TaraG - A (that being said, we haven't really been talking much to each other as of late)
Guigi - B (we don't really talk enough to be more than that)
Vlad21 - B
Kaylabby - B (we don't really talk like we used to)
Thumper91 - B
Katherinee_ - A (although like Tara, we seriously need to talk more)
Carriexoxo24xo - B (we haven't talked in a very long time)
aria_grande - C
LittleMix - B
melindaMrskk - obviously an A
austino15fffan - B (Sorry about our last Survivor btw)
Krisstea - A (and honestly, I still think one of my fondest memories I've ever had on this website came from you <3)
BrittBritt - C
FireX - C (I know we haven't always gotten along, but despite everything, I've actually come to realize you really aren't as bad a guy as I'd originally thought)
Minniemax - Borderline B/A (we aren't really close enough to be an A entirely, but I am sure glad to have you as a friend  <3)
spikedcurley - B
jakehou97 - borderline C/B (we don't really know each other enough to go above that)
MarieEve - A (even since TrollSun vs. TribeFaithful, we've become much better friends  <3)
meduncan - B
Burgerman2929292 - B
Yandereboy12 - C
astone929 - Borderline B/A (Like RedFab from earlier, we seriously need to add each other as friends, especially after TrollSun)
xRachel - B
Maddog16 - A
C00lDUDE1000 - B
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Mark Answers the Questions to BrainJak's HG Story Nov 13, 2018
As I've been working on my own project this month, I've finally noticed the episodes for BrainJak's Skyrim HG Story posted and read through every single one of them, from Prologue to the most recent episode, Episode 4.  I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with these episodes.  You may have even given me an inspiration on how I can continue on with my NaNoWriMo project.

So I've decided, as I read through all the episodes, to answer all the questions posted for every episode I could find, and though they may or may not be well-formed I tried my best to answer with my own opinion.  Now, keep in mind that as I answered these, I never once allowed myself to move on to the next episode until I'd answered every question for their respective episodes, so all my answers will be as if the episode I am answering them for were the most recent ones posted and not as if there were future episodes that have yet been posted.

Let me know if this link works for you guys (if not, I can post my answers here in the blog too  :D ):


I look forward to reading more of your blog series and hope you enjoyed my answers.  ^_^


Points: 47 3 comments
Checking in Nov 11, 2018
Not that it means a whole lot
Points: 45 8 comments
I should probably explain myself Oct 28, 2018
And yes, I realize I haven't left on the best of terms with people, so I totally expect to get negged to oblivion here, but please hear me out at least.

I left this website without a trace last week, and to those who needed me, I deeply apologize and I realize that I need to stop doing that.  However, there is a valid reason as to why.  Yes, games just haven't been fun for me anymore and that kind of played into it, but the bigger reason I left is because I am actually taking part in National Novel Writing Month AGAIN!  Here is my profile on that website so you can see its validity:


I have returned to that website for the contest, that's gonna be taking up my entire November, and, actually, I'm actually going to try to beat what I had last year.  I might be logging back on Discord during the duration if anyone needs me, but keep in mind that I might not always be available there.  Mostly, if there's any forum I'm gonna be spending my time on for November, it's gonna be on the NaNoWriMo site.

I might check in from time to time, but don't count on any guarantees.  I'm not going back to game-playing of any kind until December because for November, I will be busy writing.
Points: 17 2 comments