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I'm so Glad I'm the Same Weightvote Jan 20, 2018
175 lbs. and not counting.  If you ever need tips just let me know.
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Um, who are you?vote Jan 20, 2018

I actually literally never heard of you before until yesterday in me2013's blog about how you shouldn't be trusted, and if not for that, I would never have heard of you at all.  Furthermore, the link you sent me... kinda scares me.  No offense.

Points: 53 4 comments
After listening to End Game Jan 18, 2018
I'm... kinda mixed on this song.

Pros: Future doesn't sound like he's trying to rap underwater like he's sounded in many of his past songs; song has Ed Sheeran in it; Taylor sounds fine in this song
Cons: This doesn't fit Ed Sheeran at all; song has Future in it
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Also, let's be honest here Jan 18, 2018
If you're going to call "America" itself out for not doing research, and although I may be American, not everyone who speaks English in this website is from America!  There's people from Canada, the UK, and Australia amongst other countries that can speak English too.  For the same reason, just because there's people who speak doesn't mean they're automatically from Mexico when a lot of those people who ARE Spanish are actually from Spain!  And there's people from countries I did not mention here too.

So just STOP!
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If people seriously think Jan 18, 2018
BRAZIL is the most violent country in the world, HAVE THEY EVEN LOOKED AT THE MIDDLE EAST!?  WAR has gone on over there for DECADES!
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In other news Jan 17, 2018
I heard a goose say "he tryna end me", but then again I also happened to hear that same goose text Rihanna in a crisis and still choose Drake even if he had a twin.

Does this feel too much like work work work work work or is it just me?
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